How Pandora reminded me about how angry I used to be..

Phones are amazing. And I think we take that for granted sometimes. We have the power to be reached anytime and anywhere. I remember my first cell phone…it looked like this:


I remember how happy I was to get one. I called everyone I knew to tell them I had a cell phone and jumped whenever I heard my ringtone. It had a game on it…Snake…and I spent hours chasing after a little black dot. But, oh things have changed. Our phones do everything now. You surf the net, check your social media, play games, and even create documents. And if you leave the house without it, chances are you will turn around wherever you are to grab it. One of the things I use most are music players….like Pandora. I searched for some music to play while I was playing video games and “The Ataris” popped up. And immediately, my mind drifted back to my first years in college. It brought a smile to my face, but then I started to notice something about the lyrics. This is the actual song:


I laughed to myself listening to it. So I listened to the rest of some of their other songs. I never forgot the lyrics and it brought me back to the anger I felt when I heard those songs. I mean, I had no reason to be angry, but sometimes certain songs have the power to bring back memories bad or good. But, after a couple of more songs, the anger changed to laughter. Every song was about the same thing….girls breaking hearts. That was fourteen years ago and I’m not the same spikey-haired emo kid. Love doesn’t suck…we literally cannot live without it. Google it, it’s scientific…like how you pour salt on slugs and they start to melt. But don’t do that because that’s cruel.


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