Through the eyes of my 6-year old daughter..

The world is a tough place. We are constantly bombarded with bad news on the radio and TV. I have my daily routine to catch up with what is going on in the world and can’t help but feel helpless and depressed when all is said and done. But, I receive a daily reminder that there is still good in this world thanks to my fiesty 6 year old. She sees joy in everything. She sees past bad news and only understands what is fun and what is not fun. And when she is with me, I get glimpses of the world through her eyes. If i were to paint a picture of what my frame of mind was, it would be filled with dark colors and uncertainty. But, this is what she sees:


20140709_110350 (1)


Its a world filled with happiness. It brought a tear to my eye when I first saw it. Imagine if we had the ability to see what our children see every day. Imagine how we would treat each other. Imagine what the nightly news would look like. Maybe it would show us what really mattered…and what we waste our time on. We wouldn’t see each other as strangers…just new people to play with.

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