Party at my there.

Today’s challenge is an interesting one. I really had to sit and think about it. But this is what my perfect guest list would be.


First of all, I would invite Abraham Lincoln. Why? Because I remember doing a report on him in the 3rd grade and have always been interested in his life…especially the whole vampire hunting thing.

“Four score and seven years ago…I abolished slavery and knocked off some vampires at the same time…you’re welcome.”


The next guest would be my Uncle Nelson. He was the closest thing I had to a father and I would love one last opportunity to talk to him. He taught me how to tie my shoelaces and always had plenty of stories to tell. But, each story had an underlying lesson or message…and from a boy who was physically and verbally abused, each lesson was like gold to me. Which leads me to my next guests…


My daughter and wife. My little one does not have a grandfather, and he was the closest person to it. When she was little, she called everyone “mama”…including me. But for some reason, she always knew who he was. That was the impact he had on her during her babyhood. I would love if they could talk again. She is such a little firecracker, and I know he would be so proud of her. I can still remember him singing this song when she was sitting at the dinner table:



This dinner would give more time for my wife to spend with him also. I know she would cherish it, she loved him also. But, this dinner would need some entertainment…which leads me to my next guests..a couple of these guys.

Having these guys making funny sounds while gorging themselves on bananas would crack my little one up. She loves these little guys…and so do I. And for some reason, I think minions would get along with Abraham Lincoln.

Baseball is a big part of my life, so I would love two players past and present.


Joe DiMaggio


Tim Lincecum


To talk baseball with these guys would be amazing…but I would have to deal with my wife being all starry-eyed with Tim being there. But, it’s ok. I throw a wicked curve ball also.


It would be a night filled with laughs, history, baseball talk, fart sounds, and giggly 6 year olds. And it would be perfect.


So in the words of my favorite all-time punk bands.


Party at my house…be there.


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