Truth hurts.

Imagine the ability to read the minds of the people you are talking to…to see their innermost thoughts about you. Is that something you would want?


Me: Hey babe….does this outfit look good? Do I look alright?

Wife: Yes, that’s fine. (He always wears that shirt. Isn’t he tired of wearing that thing? I don’t think he’s washed it in a while…)

Me: Umm…maybe I shouldn’t wear that shirt. I’ll find something else.

Five minutes later.

Me: How about this?

Wife: That looks better…(better as in, it would look better if I threw that shirt in a garbage can.)

Not a pretty picture. Today’s daily prompt asks this question and I would politely decline this super power if I was given it.

Not only because of conversations like the one above but because of situations like this:


Me: Hey! How are you doing?

Person: Hey! I’m good…(I have so much on my plate…I don’t know where to start. Why do things have to be so difficult?)

That person just told me they were good verbally…but their thoughts said otherwise. What would I do in that situation? The friend in me would want to dig deeper and find out if there was any way I could help…but, what if that person didn’t want your help. And if I were to just come out with, “Dude…i know something is wrong…please tell me..I can tell cause…well, I just know,” that would freak that person out. 

Person: Nothing..there is nothing wrong.(geez…pushy aren’t we? and dude? who still says that?)

Me: Ok, I’m just trying to help…and for your information, people still say ‘dude.’

I just blew my cover.

The ability to talk within one’s head is a privilege. Internalizing our thoughts before we act or speak are healthy and help filter out possible conflicts. And besides, there are things we just don’t want to know.

Me: Dude! What’s up? How you been?

Friend: I’m good…you?(I’m good…except for that weird rash I found on me..what is that from? And I wonder if he knows I unfriended him on Facebook…)



The Daily Post-Full Disclosure


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