Smells that make you say yumm.

Senses are amazing. Seeing a sunset can bring feelings of peace and serenity. The power of touch can bring comfort to someone who is hurting…and hearing an old slow jam on the radio can remind you of that girl who you had a crush on in 6th grade who broke your heart and laughed at you when you fell during recess…no, I’m not bitter. 


But, the sense of smell can bring back memories of your childhood. The smell of a fresh pot of rice from a rice cooker reminds me of my teenage years. I remember coming home from basketball practice and it was the first thing I smelled when I walked through the door. 


Me: Mom….I’m home.

Mom: Hi, Anak….go eat…the rice is ready.


There is nothing like the click you hear from the rice cooker telling everyone in the house that the rice is ready. My mouth waters just thinking of it.


But, there are certain smells that make me happy….like coffee and one of these:


Oh, you want one right? I know you do..

Oh, you want one right? I know you do..

A Cinnabon….a Caramel Pecanbon to be exact. And please don’t correct the way I say Caramel. It really doesn’t matter how its said…it all ends up in my stomach. It doesn’t matter where you are in a mall…you can still smell these babies while looking at cargo shorts in Old Navy. Even Old Navy’s reasonably priced jeans won’t stop you from wanting a Cinnabon. 


But, some smells bring back bad memories. When I was in high school, I worked at a particular restaurant that had a certain smell. I had a rough time there…washing dishes until 2 in the morning and dealing with mean customers and bosses. I won’t say which restaurant it is, but I will try and make it extremely hard for you to guess which restaurant it is. Let me scramble up the title of this place….OF INTERNATIONAL PANCAKES HOUSE. I bet you can’t guess…I went to this place a few months ago and it smelled the same. It didn’t smell like anything in particular, but some places just have a smell to them. I couldn’t even enjoy my food because my mind kept travelling to when I used to work there.

Boss: Hey…you…Stan.

Me: It’s Dan…

Boss: Whatever Stan, the toilet is clogged in the men’s bathroom…bring the big plunger…this will be a tough one for you.

Me: Oh great…another satisfied customer.

Boss: What was that? What did you say?

Me: I said, ‘I really like Stevie Wonder.’


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2 thoughts on “Smells that make you say yumm.

  1. I liked this post! Kinda wished you would have left the Cinnabon image out though…now I can’t get it out of my head, lol.

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