Thank you, Garfield the Cat.

Change is a constant in my household. My daughter’s interests are constantly changing…and my wife is constantly changing outfits before we need to leave the house. Right now, my little one is really into Garfield the Cat.



One day, she asked me what “Lasagna” was. I told her that it was a type of food…and my favorite food to be exact. She said, “Garfield likes it too….he eats all the lasagna in the house…and Jon gets mad all the time.” True, my love…very true. Lasagna is my favorite food and I never really get a chance to eat it. Yes, there is Olive Garden or Spaghetti Factory, but they don’t make it like my Mom does. So, I decided to try to make it. I did my research and threw the idea at the boss…my daughter.

Me: Hey, want to eat like Garfield tonight? Let’s make lasagna!

Lainy: Da-zan-ya? YAY!


So, I took that as a yes…and we drove off to the store to buy the ingredients. After a successful visit to the grocery store that was highlighted by my daughter telling every worker we ran into about our impending Da-zan-ya adventure, we settled in to get started.


First, the noodles. I was worried about this…I could totally see myself overcooking them. But, the miracle of technology has brought us “oven ready” lasagna noodles. So, that’s one thing less to worry about.


Next, the cheese mixture. Which consists of low fat cottage cheese, parmesan cheese, and two beaten eggs. Did I mention I am lactose intolerant?


Cheese…cheese…and more cheese.

Next…the ground beef mixture. Which consists of whole tomatoes and tomato paste. A little foliage, basil and parsley to be exact.


Meat and guess what? More cheese. This is definitely gonna hurt me later.


25 minutes in the over at 350 and tada! One plate full of lasagna and one happy Garfield loving little one.


She was so happy to see what it looked like when it was all done. Moments like this mean a lot to me and I want her to look forward to doing things like this with her future children. I can see it now:

Lainy: And that is how you make Lasagna. I remember making this for the first time with your grandpa. But, we didn’t see him for the rest of the night after eating it…he’s lactose intolerant. He had a rough night.




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