Do we live in a world without love?

Hating is exhausting. The amount of energy it takes to hate someone or something drains you. Have you ever said you hated something or someone to the point that it consumed your every thought in your mind? Doesn’t that drain you emotionally? And this is pure hate…not the kinda hate we tend to throw around in conversation.

“Oh…not this commercial…i hate this commercial.”

“Eww…that has onions. I hate onions.”

“I hate techno music…”


Hate is a powerful word. Let’s look at the definition:


Hate-to feel intense or a passionate dislike for.

But, we seem to live in a world where hate is growing. We have countries that hate each other. They are on the brink of war. The inhabitants of these countries do not know each other personally…or know about their thoughts or desires, they simply hate and want to destroy them. That is terrible. Dreams don’t matter….love doesn’t matter. Imagine how a child is supposed to grow up in a world like this. They live from playtime to playtime. They laugh and do not understand the cruel world that lies in the future. I look at my daughter and all i see is joy. Everything makes her happy. Her face lights up over the smallest of things. She is extremely grateful for everything and appreciates everything given to her. And as parents, we try to keep our children in “that” world. We preach love one another…and treat each other with respect. But, that is a hard task especially when a child gets older and starts to understand the ways of the world. How do we explain crime to a child? How do we justify war to a child? How do we explain tragedies to a child? I don’t know what I’m going to do when my little one starts to ask these tough questions. She lives in a world of disney princesses and talking snowmen….and I am trying my hardest to make sure she sees the joy and good in every person. And that every person matters, that every person has feelings, that every person needs love and respect. But I know, that these lessons are not to sugarcoat…but to prepare her for what the future holds. That hate is not right. But, I am a hypocrite. Because there are things I hate…I loathe. I watch the news and I all I see is injustice. I see crimes against innocent people, I see children being hurt. And I feel helpless. I HATE feeling helpless. I get so angry and it consumes my every being. I sat there and thought about what I would have changed to feel less helpless.

Me: Sometimes, I wish I became a cop…

Wife: Really? Why?

Me: Cause I can do something to help people. I feel like I could do things that mattered. I could help people in need….help kids.

But, honestly, I couldn’t do that. I wear my heart on my sleeve and the pain and suffering I would see would take a toll on me. And imagine how helpless I would feel if I was given a title of authority and still wasn’t able to protect those who needed protection. It would break me. I would feel hopeless and useless. I hate that I feel that way. Hating is exhausting.

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