Life on the older side.

The progression through life is a wild ride. I remember as a kid observing the weird things my parents did and understood it as “adult stuff.” I remember sitting at the breakfast table after watching saturday morning cartoons and watching my parents drink a warm brown/black drink in the mornings. I would ask if I could have some…and would get the reply:

“No, this is for adults. It will stunt your growth.”

And sometimes at night, more weird drinks came out of the fridge..but they were cold and in a tall bottle. Again, I would ask if I could have some:

“No, this is for adults. It will stunt your growth.”

So, for me at that time, being an adult meant drinking things that kids couldn’t drink and the ability to stay up late.

Until, we rented movies. There were certain movies we could not see. They were rated “R.” We would try to watch them, but our parents would force us to close our eyes or tell us to leave the room during certain scenes.

So, let’s keep a running tally of this….adults are different because they drink weird liquids, stay up late, and watch movies that are rated “R.”

And my world as a kid stayed the same…I played outside, watched kids shows, and went to bed at 8pm at night. But little did I know that being a adult was much more than how I saw it.

I drink the same brown/black liquids and cannot function without them. I stay up late and watch whatever movie I want. But, my mentality still remains kid-ish. I still have a immature sense of humor and I still watch cartoons and play video games. When I look in the mirror, I do not see a 35 year old man. My closet isn’t filled with adult clothes. I don’t have adult hobbies. And I don’t listen to adult contemporary radio stations. So, what is an adult really? Being an adult just means more responsibility. We vote, we work, we get married and we make babies. But, what really classifies us as adults is our vision of the world. As kids, we see endless playgrounds. We see beautiful and wonderful places to explore. As adults, we see the world the same…but that world is filled with violence and things that can hurt the ones we love. So, as adults we develop responsibility and paranoia. 

But, sadly, although our minds may remain kid-ish…our bodies do not cooperate. That same little kid who used to stare at the mirror and brush his teeth with a Superman toothbrush, now sees an older man in the mirror. A man who wakes up and has to sneeze 9 times in a row for some reason. A man who wakes up and hears all kinds of weird bone cracking noises when he gets out of bed. A man who really can’t stay up that late….and can’t watch a late night movie in a theater because he falls asleep. A man who constantly worries about his daughter and chases her all over the playground. And says this while she plays:

“Bug…be careful. Not too high. Don’t run too fast…watch out. Be careful on the jungle gym.”

But, we also get one very important perk as an adult. We understand love. As kids, we receive love, but do not really understand it. As adults, we learn about love, give love, and hope to get love back. We get married and use love to build a family. It’s great to be an adult.

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