The endless search to find something to do.

I love my days off. I wake up and make breakfast for my little one and ask her the ever important question:


“What do you want to do today?”

And sometimes I can grant her wish…

“I want to go to the park and swing!”

And sometimes I can’t…

“I want to see a giraffe and tell it a joke..”

Sorry, can’t do that one.

But today, my little one wanted to go to a park. I took her to popular park in our city and she squealed with joy when we parked. She quickly ran to the swings and tried to swing as high as she could to no avail.

“Daddy, I need your help.”

“Sure baby, you know I just had Tommy John surgery on this arm…and you don’t actually weigh a little anymore right?”

“Who’s Tommy?”

So, I started to push her and a father pushing his little one turned to me and started a conversation with me. Now conversations at the park are always interesting…sometimes good…and sometimes bad and awkward. Today’s conversation was on the bad and awkward side of the spectrum.

Other Dad: Yeah, I got tennis elbow so I am not too good at doing this either.

Me: Haha yeah…who knew we had to start working out just to be able to push our kids on a swing. My workouts consist of running to the mailbox..and that’s it.

Other Dad: Oh, well you really should work out…just for the sake of your child.

So far, this Dad does not get my humor. I am extremely sarcastic and he can’t sense that.

Me: So what school does your little one go to?

Other Dad: Oh? Flowery…its such a good school. We were going to take her to the private school down the street. But, that school is trash.

Me: Oh, yeah that’s the school that my daughter goes to.

This is turning out great so far. But, five minutes later it gets better.

Other Dad: Yes, we need to start working out the other areas of our brain. Can you imagine the things we could do if we used more of our brain? But, no the government is preventing that. The government doesn’t want us to use our brains.

I can talk about anything, ask my wife. But, this area of brains and government brain prevention is not necessarily in my wheelhouse. So I had nowhere to go from there. There is no follow-up response possible to this statement. Luckily, this father received a phone call and took his child to sit on a bench. I checked my phone and it was time to leave. We had a play to attend at the library. 

No, the librarian is not throwing up gang signs..

No, the librarian is not throwing up gang signs..

“The Legend of Johnny Appleseed”

My little one was so excited to see a play. She was curious about this man named Johnny Appleseed and guessed that he had something to do with apples.

A talking apple tree..

A talking apple tree..

My little one sat quietly and clapped…and laughed at every joke. The place was packed and we were lucky to even find a seat. Apparently, plays starring a guy who gave out fruit and planted fruit trees are in demand.


One of the many action scenes in this play...and all in 3D!

One of the many action scenes in this play…and all in 3D!

My little one gave the play a standing ovation…and wanted to start planting trees. Specifically, lollipop trees. Who wouldn’t want one of those in the back yard?




2 thoughts on “The endless search to find something to do.

  1. Lol! Sounds like a fun day! It reminds me of how I feel, when thrown into situations and awkward conversations whilst my child is in football or judo class. These go on for an hour! An hour spent trying to think how I can politely leave the conversation lol!

    • yeah..that happens a lot when we go on some of the play dates she has. Your kid gets to choose who to hang out with, so as parents we have no choice but to hang out with the parents lol…so trying to get along is always an adventure lol

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