A snowman, a hospitable candlestick holder…and a crab trying to play matchmaker.

I spend most of my summer days at home because of my job. So, I am constantly on the road with my daughter combing the city for things to do. And when she is in the car she is in control of the radio. 


“Daddy, can we listen to Disney songs?”

“Sure Bug…”

I switch on Pandora and in a few seconds our car is filled with songs about building snowmen, kissing girls who have lost their voice to a sea octopus looking lady, and a genie who claims you have never had a friend like him.

Each song brings back memories for me….memories of my own childhood and how much each Disney movie meant to me. I still get kinda emotional when I hear a mermaid singing about “oozits and whatsits a-plenty…and thingamabobs..how about twenty?” But who cares? No big deal…I want more. OK I’ll stop. But, hearing her sing these songs bridges a huge generation gap. She sings the same songs that I sang as a child. Who knew that those songs would still affect our own kids? But, I am glad that our taste in music stops there. I have always loved music and was exposed to different kinds through the phases of my life. When I was her age, music was just background music during long car rides with my parents. My parents listened to Lionel Ritchie and Earth, Wind, and Fire while I complained and asked, “Are we there yet?”

Music didn’t really affect me until these guys stepped on to the “block.”


Oh yeah, we had the "Right Stuff."

Oh yeah, we had the “Right Stuff.”


Sad, I know. But, the New Kids on the Block were what got me into music. I first heard “The Right Stuff” and it was just too catchy for me to ignore….and then “Hangin Tough.” It was the first cassette tape I ever bought. I saved up my allowance for weeks and asked my father to take me to the local store to buy it. I opened up my velcro wallet and slammed down 11 bucks and some change to grab this:



I can still remember the disappointment in my father’s eyes when he saw his son use his hard earned money to buy this thing…but it didn’t stop me. We played this song all the way home:

I stopped listening to these guys…eventually. So, I needed a harder image. No more sappy love songs. Sadly, the next music artist I was into didn’t necessarily help much. This guy:

...too cold...too cold.

…too cold…too cold.

“Ice Ice Baby” was all over the radio stations non-stop. I remembered trying to memorize the lyrics and even practiced the dance moves in the mirror. And yes, I still know them…don’t judge me. Yes, I had a Vanilla Ice poster….yes I saw his movie “Cold as Ice”….and yes I bought his autobiography….again, don’t judge me. Here’s a little reminder:

I’m older now. And my music likes have changed. But if my Ipod music library ever went public…I would be so embarrassed.


The Daily Post-Music Marker


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