Sacrificing the present for the future.

Time is fleeting. I look at my phone calendar and see August 12. It seems like I just started summer break, but this summer has been packed with tough decisions that needed to be made. Maybe, that’s why it seemed so fast…because I knew I had to make potentially life-changing decisions. I have known what I wanted to be in life for a long time, but the route I took was unconventional. College classes here and there…and then time off for a semester or two. And it all equals to a 35 year old man still chasing his dream. Time is running out so I had to make a radical change and find the easiest path to my passion. What made it tougher was that I received a taste of what life in my dream could be like last year. And it made me realize more that that was what I wanted to do in life. But in order to achieve that goal, I had to take a step back in my current career and take the necessary classes to get there. So I had to sacrifice the present for the future. Doing this just makes me more focused and driven. It was tough on everyone…especially my family. I know that they are sacrificing because of my decision also. Changes had to be made to bring to life what I envisioned for my own family. And to this very day I still question whether I made the right decision, but when I look at what I want to do in my life, it leans me back to the decision I made. What also made it tough were the people I met along the way at my last position…the students. I was nervous when I started working at the high school, I did not know what to expect. But, as time went on I developed friendships with the students I worked with and genuinely wanted them to succeed in school. I bothered and pestered them every day about their homework. I told them about what life would be like outside of high school….and told them of real life scenarios that I had experienced. I saw a few of them go through heartbreaks during the year….and I even saw bullying. That made me work harder to help them in any way I could. Life as a teenager is hard and they deal with things that didn’t even exist when I was in high school. I wasn’t just a school district worker anymore…I was Mr. Dan. The youth of the world are essential to the health of this world. And I want to be a part in helping them succeed and make the right decisions by providing the right education and tools to help them. And my own child is a part of that future..


My summer flew by because of her too. The summer break gives me more time to spend with her and do what we love to do most…play in playgrounds. We have spent time in every single park in our area and have made it a goal to play at every single park in our county. And it’s another reason why I made my decision to hurry up and finish college….to show her what it takes to chase your dream. How can I tell her to chase her dreams and be whatever she wants…and not show her how to do it? So today is a bittersweet day for me. I am excited about the future but sad that I will not be there to help the students i met last year. School starts tomorrow for them…Mr. Dan will be chasing his dreams just like you guys will be.



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