New beginnings

Life is filled with numerous chapters. They can be exciting or scary. My daughter started a new chapter yesterday at a new school. This was a scary time for me. You never know what to expect from a new school…your child will not be familiar with his/her surroundings and will have to make brand new friends. When we pulled up to her new school I looked back at my little one through the rearview mirror…


“Baby, you are gonna do great. Everyone is going to love you. You will have so much fun.”

She smiled back at me..

“I know…let’s go. We don’t want to be late.”

I knew she was ready. She wanted to be social with people her age and height. Summer was spent mostly hanging out with her 35 year old dad…and now she wanted to play with people she could relate to more.

We walked up to the school and I could tell my daughter’s mind was racing a thousand miles a minute. She constantly scanned from left to right to see the kids coming in and made the proper reminders to herself.

“Look….that’s the playground. And Daddy look…that’s where I go potty.”

We walked into her new classroom and she quickly found her desk with her name on it and sat in it.

Soon, kids and parents started to pile into the classroom. And as a parent, you kinda start to figure out which kids would get along with your kid. You talk to yourself.

“My kid would get along with that kid..he’s wearing a Pokémon shirt…and she loves Pokémon. They can talk about Pikachu and Ash. Oh, and she would love to play with that kid…she’s wearing an Elsa shirt and she loves Frozen. They can sing ‘Let it go’ together at recess. But, not that kid right there picking his nose…please not the nose-picking kid.”

I stood there and watched class for 15 minutes….and soon realized the teacher was staring at me. I looked around and noticed that all the parents were gone.

“Sir, you can leave now. Your little one is in good hands.”

I walked out. The school was going to have a Flag Ceremony so many parents stood around and drank coffee. They formed little circles and discussed sales at Target and future field trips. I felt out of place. Not only would my kid be with new friends, but I would have to make new friends also with the parents of these children. I grabbed a coffee and stood on the sides. I felt like I was at a school dance….standing on the wall while I watched these parents “dance.” Luckily, the kids started to form next to the flag and we all focused on the ceremony. I watched my little one sing “Grand ‘ol Flag” and do the Pledge of Allegiance. She walked by me one last time with her class and I waved at her. She yelled at me..


“Daddy, I love you. I will make new best friends.” And she blew me a kiss…I could not contain my emotion at that time. Tears streamed down my face as I waved and head back to my car. As a parent we live for these moments…these milestones. We watch our children grow in this world and our hearts flutter with each accomplishment and dream. There is no better feeling in the world.


4 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Haha! Your little one will be fine! And so will you lol. Yeah, she made some friends. She is still trying to remember names. I always ask her about her classmates to make sure they are not mean to her. Kids can be mean sometimes. I feel bad cause I ask her so many questions when she gets home…lol

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