I’m a cheap date.

When I turned 21, I expected it to be life changing. Why? Because I was legally allowed to drink alcohol. I counted down the days until that fateful day. I was also scared because I didn’t know what to expect. And from the many conversations I had with my friends around that time, it was unpredictable. They would go on about what type of person they were when they were “drunk.”

“I’m loud when I drink. I yell…and i can’t control what I say.”

“I’m really friendly when I drink…I hug everyone…and everyone becomes my best friend.”

Who would I be? I consider myself pretty social already. So would I be more social? And I think I’m a pretty friendly guy…so would I be too friendly?

And I found out two things that night. 

1. Alcohol makes me fall asleep. So, I’m not friendly or loud…or more social…just sleepy.

2. And, I don’t like alcohol.

I took my first beer and it was gross. There was no way to hide it. It tasted like licking a car tire. And that was just the first sip. So, how could I ever handle a whole bottle of a liquid that tasted like car tires?

But, I kept it to myself.

Outside I said:

“Dude, this tastes good….it’s real smooth.”

But inside I said:

“yeah…smooth if you like drinking hair spray.”

So, I looked around and saw people put lemon in their beers. Does that help? Nope, now it tasted like lemony car tire. That ended my journey through alcohol. But I tried over the years….a beer here…a beer there. And my opinion never changed. Alcohol tastes gross….and I can’t handle it. Was there something wrong with my taste buds? Everyone I know likes alcohol. Did I somehow damage my taste buds because of my history of sour gummy worm consumption? So, when people ask me if I want a drink I ask for…bubbles. Anything with bubbles. That is my go to drink….soda. I’ve been reading a lot about certain sodas and am slowly making the switch to all-natural stuff. I am older now so I need to make better choices with what my body consumes. I’ve noticed how my body reacts to certain things and it’s given me a wake-up call. Am I a full-on lover of Kale now? Not there yet…but it is not too far away. It makes me more conscious of what my little one eats and drinks too. 


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2 thoughts on “I’m a cheap date.

  1. “Lemony car tires” ? 😀 Yea, I agree alcohol doesn’t taste good to me either. The first time I tasted alcohol was by accident. Growing up, someone was always drinking or eating someone else’s leftovers then replacing the contents with something they liked.

    Once, when I woke up from my nap, I went to the fridge to take a sip from my McDonald’s cup and it was filled with alcohol. Confused. Saddened… I really had a taste for fruit punch. x-D


    • I am still trying to find that one “go to” drink that I can drink at social outings. I just recently went to a party where all they had was Capri Suns for kids….and beer for adults. And all the Capri Suns were gone. So I had no choice but to drink beer. So everytime I took a sip I had to look away so no one would see the look of pain it gave me to drink lol

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