The Domino Effect

Sometimes a whole day can get ruined within the first hour of waking up. It starts as a little thing. Then two bad things happen…and it you start to look for more bad things to happen. And the bad things find you. That is fine if you keep the bad things to yourself…but if you become another person’s “bad thing”, that’s when you need to realize your influence. And as a parent that’s hard sometimes. Like today for example.

1. I was running late.

2. I checked my wallet and I had no cash.

3. Being late, made me rush to drop my little one off at school.

4. My daughter lost her lunchbox and I wanted to be at school early to try and find it.

5. We couldn’t find it.


Numbers 1-3 were my fault. Number 4 could have been handled better. My reactions to not finding the lunchbox could have become a “bad thing” for my daughter. I left her class and said:

“Well…you have no lunchbox then. I don’t know what to do. You are just going to have to use a bag today.”

Just that simple phrase affected my daughter. She knew I was not happy with her. I walked out the door and stopped. The teacher closed the door, so I looked through the window. I could see my daughter’s face amongst her classmates. They were happy…laughing…but not hers. She was looking down and I knew she was thinking about her lost lunchbox. I immediately felt like the worst parent in the world. I am a big believer in words of affirmation and the was the worst way to end a conversation.

The bad things continued for me.

Because of Number #2, I could not buy a parking permit for the day at school. So I had to park a mile away to get to class. I get to school and open up my backpack and the one notebook I have for class is gone. So I lost that. Yes, these things are trivial and small. But, too many of them can increase their effect on us. That is partly why I love to write, it helps me relax. I don’t know how the rest of the day will end up. But, I do know I have an apology to make when I get home to my daughter.


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