Adventures at the gas station

A couple of weeks ago I was running late for work. I started my car and saw a bright yellow light staring right back at me. So, I drove off to the nearest gas station. As I pulled in the gas station I noticed all the gas pumps were occupied except the one at the very end. I drove up to it and parked my car and ran inside to pay for gas. As I walked back to my car I saw a car waiting right behind mine. I ran to my car and started to pump my gas. I looked back at the car waiting behind mine and the guy waiting inside was not happy. He looked at me and pointed at his watch. I said out loud:


“Sorry man, I am almost done.”

Before I could even finish that sentence, the man stepped out of his car and stood in front of it and started to wait for me outside his car. His arms were crossed and he was not happy.

“Are you gonna be long?”

I was irritated by this point. Is this man in such a rush that he cannot wait for someone to put in ten dollars of gas? That he has to step out of his car and physically show me he is waiting for me. It began to irritate me.

“No im not…it’s just ten dollars of gas. I didn’t…like…i didn’t like order a steak or filet mignon or something at this gas pump…it’s just ten dollars.”

He didn’t laugh at my sarcasm. Suddenly, the car in front of me pulled away leaving a spot for him to take over. The man rushed in his car…revved his engine and screeched his tires to drive 15 feet to take the spot in front of me….and proceeded to stare at me while he drove by me. I giggled because it was ridiculous. He steps out of his car and turns to me:

“We got a problem?”

I said…”What? Why would I have a problem?”

“You rolled your eyes at me….so we got a problem?”

“Dude…first of all, I didn’t roll my eyes at you. What am I? A teenager who you just told that I can’t visit my BFF’s house after school? I am just pumping gas…in fact, I have been done for a while now.”

And I hear a voice coming from the backseat of his car….


“Cmon…stop it babe…just stop.”

He walked back to his car.

I have no clue why that man was in such a rush…..i have no idea why something small as no available spots at a gas station could lead to an adventure at the gas station. But I know I didn’t help the situation by making jokes and being sarcastic. Why was this man in such a bad mood? Was he fighting with his girl before he drove into the gas station? Or did he just want to mess with 35 year old man with a shaved head wearing an apron on his way to work.



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