The Happiest Scene

One of the biggest unrealized perks I have about my job is being able to drop off and pick up my daughter from school. The scene is beautiful….kids laughing and playing…parents standing around with their coffee cups talking about their children. When the bells ring for class to start, the little ones run to their parents to give them a hug before they walk in the class. You hear the same conversation all over the playground:


Parent: Have a good day at school ok? I love you…

Kid: Ok…I love you too.

And as a parent I get to do this everyday.There are a few kid meltdowns because they don’t want to be without their mommy or daddy the whole day. I hug my little one and watch her walk into her classroom to learn new and exciting things. And I imagine what they will learn that day…will they learn about math? Why ladybugs have spots? Or a new nursery rhyme to sing…

My conversation with my little one when she walks in her classroom usually goes like this:

Me: Baby….remember be nice to everyone. Always play with anyone who wants to play. Try your best at everything you do…ok I love you baby.

Little one: Ok…Ok….I love you too.

And in the afternoon I get to see it all again. This time kids are running and talking about their days….parents are hugging their kids to say hello…and ask them how their day went.

Sometimes it’s the everyday things that you do that bring you the most joy.


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