What did you do Tooth Fairy?

About two months ago my little one ran to me excitedly and told me:

“Daddy! My tooth is wiggly…look…look!”

“It sure is…oh wow, you are gonna make big money from the tooth fairy when that bad boy falls out!”

She jumped and ran back to her room to show her mom.

And every day I received updates from her about the status of her wiggly tooth.

“Daddy, my friend at school said the tooth fairy gave her $100!”

“What? Really? In that case I need to start pulling my own teeth out…”

She laughed and went back to playing.

And the fateful day came, I was at work when my wife sent me the picture.(Shown at top)

I was so happy. My child had gone through another milestone.

I came home later that night and my wife slipped the money right under my daughter’s pillow. The next morning, my little one woke up and checked her pillow.

“Money! The tooth fairy came!” She showed me the empty space in her teeth and flashed the cash.

The tooth fairy came and did her job. But, I started to notice a change in my daughter.

“Baby, what would you like for breakfast? Cereal?





“No…Nothing…I don’t want nothing.”

A child saying “no” is normal, but it sounded differently. It was cold and fiesty.

As days passed I noticed my little one was showing attitude in random situations. This was new to me. What was happening? She frowned and scowled a lot more. She would say things like:

“Daddy, you’re weird”

“Daddy, you’re not funny”

“Daddy, I’m bored”

This never happened before. Did the tooth fairy take my daughter’s tooth and her sweetness? Did she replace my thoughtful daughter and replace her with and emo-teenager stuck in a 6 year old’s body? The apathy and weird whiny-ness isn’t supposed to happen to later…did we just fast forward through all the elementary school years and head straight to “Mean Girl” territory?

I know Christmas is still far away…but I already know what to ask Santa. Please, no more wiggly teeth….and keep the Tooth Fairy away.


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