“Don’t worry, I got somethin for that…”

As kids we admired super heroes, we wanted to be as fast as the Flash or as strong as Superman. We ran around imagining super powers we would have and attack our friends.I remember the ridiculous things I use to say with my friends:

“I have the power to electrocute you…so you have to fall down.”

“Well, I have a power that stops electricity so I can’t fall down”

So, we ended up just trying to figure out what powers we could have that no one could stop. It went nowhere.

Today’s prompt talks about skills…and what special skill you would love to be a master at. How about the ability to time travel…and fix every mistake I ever made.But, there isn’t enough time in the world for me to be able to do that. How about the super power to eat anything I want…and not gain weight. Yes, that’s fun but kinda sad if I chose that. But after a discussion with my mother this morning showed me what I would really want.

The power of healing. Healing what? Yes, that’s a general super power but I don’t want to limit it. As kids, whenever we got a “boo boo” we knew if mom kissed it, it would go away. We believed that mom had a super power in her lips that would cause the healing process to begin. And now that I am a parent, I wish for the same thing but on the opposite side. To heal any pain my daughter feels. My wife and I were extremely paranoid parents and were not afraid to call a doctor about anything.And when she had any appointment that required any discomfort, we wished we could take the pain away. I remember a time when she had a high fever and wasn’t eating anything…she was lethargic and didn’t want to play. I remember praying that that fever would somehow magically transfer to me and that she would be normal again. But what about when she gets older? And she falls in love for the first time….and her heart is broken? How do I heal that? We all remember our first heart break. The laying in bed and listening to slow jams…and then the song that was supposed to be “your” song to her/him comes on…and you cry uncontrollably…and you look outside and its raining…so its like you and the world are crying together…and then you decide to run outside in the rain and be angry together. Well, maybe that’s just me. Being heartbroken felt like the end of the world. But, its a pain that cannot be easily described or easily fixed.

The world is filled with broken people. I am broken. You are broken. We all have inner pains emotionally that are healing. And what makes them hard to heal is that they are not seen. If a child falls down and scrapes his/her knee, they might run to you and you grab a band-aid to put on the scar. Over time, that scar will heal on its own. But, what about the emotional scars that people feel? I know that you could probably count the people you know that are going through something hard right now…

I,myself, may not have the miraculous power to heal people…or fix a broken heart…or a broken feeling…or a broken dream…or a broken person. But, we all do if we do it together. A simple phone call to check on someone and see how they are really doing…heals a little bit. A smile….a joke…and a laugh heals a little bit. A hug..heals a little bit. And if you are like me, food helps….a lot. Especially pizza.

I Got Skills

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