meaningless talk; nonsense.

“don’t give me that malarkey”

Today’s prompt asks us to pick a random word and google it. Search for images of this word and pick the 11th image and write about it.

My word is malarkey. It is one of my favorite words and it bothers me that I do not get to use it enough. It just doesn’t make sense to drop it on someone in the middle of a conversation unless I intentionally want to debate and argue.

Malarkey is just a funny way to say that someone is talking crazy…nonsense. I have this running joke at work. There is a vest that I wear sometimes that has the word “security” on the back of it. It is very misleading when I wear it because if you knew me you would know that I am incapable of “securing” anything. I am not intimidating at all. So once I put it on, I say the same thing out loud to anyone that happens to be near to me…

“Ok, listen…I am putting this “security” vest on. So from this moment on…no more shenanigans. There will be no more riff raff….no bamboozling…no hogwash…no balderdash…and of course no more malarkey.”

But that is the only time I get to use that word. And I enjoy every syllable of it. So I googled this word. And checked the images…but this was the 11th image.


Not what I expected. And who is this dashing man in this picture? It is Michael MALARKEY. He is an actor on “The Vampire Diaries.” Now, I have never seen this show in my life or seen anything that Mr. Malarkey is in, but now it gives me another excuse to use my favorite word in conversation.

To my gamer friends:

“Man, Dragon Age is crazy good. But, it would have not been the same without the voicing talents of Michael Malarkey.”

To my anime friends:

“Wow, Ghost in the Machine was crazy good. But, it would not have been the same without the voicing talents of Michael Malarkey.”

Yes, I know I am basically saying the same sentence, but hey, it gives me more opportunities to use that word. And just for fun, check out this crazy good scene of Michael Malarkey. (Funny thing, I kept typing “The Vampire Dairies” instead of “The Vampire Diaries” which of course would be totally different. But to me, a show about vampires in a dairy sounds a little more interesting. Can you see it? Vampires milking cows…maybe one is lactose intolerant…I don’t know. Malarkey. I know.

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