This looks fun…

Today’s daily prompt is fun. But, it’s perfect.The challenge is to find the nearest book to you and find page 82. And once you get to that page, find the third sentence and put it in your writing somehow. Challenge accepted. It goes great with the book I am currently writing anyway.

Here is the book that is nearest me:


And this is page 82:


The third sentence is “Hidden, waiting for game,” I whisper.”

This excerpt comes from the book I am currently writing. Here goes..

She entered her room. It was the same room she had lived in for nine years, but it was different now. “She” was different now. She sat down on her bed and started to process everything that happened that day.Her mind wandered and landed on the man that used to occupy this room…and that slept in the same bed with her. Memories began to flood through her head. She was overwhelmed. Tears started to force their way down her face. She replayed the discussion she had just a few hours ago.

“It’s critical.”

“Critical? Has in critical what?”, she replied.

The man in the white lab coat responded, “I am sorry, we are doing the best we can. I will update you as soon as we get any change in his status.OK? But, if you need anything else, feel free to just ask.”

“Fix him. Whatever it is you do in that room. Fix it. Please. This is what you do, you went through years and years for this.” She was delirious. The doctor replied but she was already numb to anything he said.

A faint bell chime brought her back to the present. She reached into pocket and grabbed her phone. It’s screen was hard to see through blurry eyes, so she paused to focus. Seventeen new messages. She put her phone down. She was not ready to talk about this. She laid on his side of the bed. She could smell his aftershave on the pillow. And she laughed.

“What about this one?” He looked at her while pointing at a green bottle.

“No, not that one, that smells terrible. Besides, why do you even need aftershave? Seriously, what is the purpose of ‘aftershave’? Hey world, can you tell I just shaved because now I smell like a mix of raccoons and pine trees.”

He played along, “Hey, shaving is a manly thing. You put on the shaving cream, you shave, and then you put on the aftershave and now everyone knows you are a manly guy because now you smell like a hunter. A hunter that apparently has been near pine trees for days and had to live with raccoons to survive certain calamities.”

She snorted loudly, “Calamities? Really? What type of calamities would happen to you that would result in needing to live with raccoons? And why is the word ‘calamity’ even in your vocabulary? Whatever happened in your forest would not be a ‘calamity.'”

“Look, imagine we are camping. Ok? And we are in a tent. Suddenly, you hear sounds outside of the tent. Me, being the brave guy I am, look outside and I see a family of raccoons going through our stuff. I get angry and start to throw things at the raccoons. But, little do I realize, the raccoons are actually trying to hide for safety because a grizzly bear is chasing them. So, we have to team up…the raccoons and us. We start to split up and we become the hunters, hidden, waiting for game.” He chuckled at the thought.

“Easy solution, just grab the brand new stinky aftershave you just bought and throw it at the bear. So you can scare bears, raccoons, and women away with it.”

Done. Ok, technically I didn’t use the whole sentence. I left out the “I whispered” part.

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