It’s late…but not too late.

I had a long night last night. It was midnight and I began to drive home from work. The streets were empty and a hit a red light. It made no sense because there were no cars on the road. I looked both ways and saw no oncoming cars at all. The light stayed red still. I thought maybe there was a malfunction or something. But, at the same time, there were no cars coming up behind me either. Finally I looked to my right and I saw a young man standing near the side of the road. He was pacing. He walked back and forth in a hurried motion. He was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans. It was freezing outside. His eyes were focused and had a weird look on his face. I rolled down the window to try to get his attention, but as soon as I did that he ran at full speed in the direction opposite my car. The light turned green but I didn’t go. I thought about this for a second. I thought about it a little too long because I heard a honk coming from behind me. I slowly proceeded through the intersection and thought about that young guy.

What was he doing out at this time of night? Did he plan to be out late at this time?

I figured no. Because it was freezing, I was wearing a jacket in my car with the heater blaring. Plus, there was frost and fog on my windshield.

Why was he pacing? And why did he run away at full speed once the light turned green? Was this man in trouble or hiding from something or someone?

It’s a weird habit of mine, but I try to read the faces of people walking by when I drive. What are they thinking about?

Have you ever looked at someone and instantly knew that something was wrong? That there was an internal struggle happening within them at that very moment?

I used to work at a high school and I would walk around campus regularly. And I would notice solitary faces on students. You could see in their eyes, that they carried the weight of the world on their shoulders. There was worry, anxiety, and fear in their eyes. It made me sad. At that age, we shouldn’t worry like that. We should just enjoy our lives as teenagers…but unfortunately that is not the case. Our youth today is forced to grow up early and face problems that we never faced as children.

I’m not saying to try to help random people that you see late at night. But, sometimes our hearts tell us something. Our hearts try to point out people who need help. We live busy lives, and sometimes forget what really matters. We shut out the conversations that our heart tries to have with us. That is what i want to improve in my life, listening and talking with my heart.


5 thoughts on “It’s late…but not too late.

  1. I agree, there are times I would love to stop and ask people if I can help them. I want to do more to help. When I was reading your words, I felt sad for that person too. I hope that they’re okay.

      • You would be great! I am in a counseling program now- and very few students in my program have the insight and compassion that you displayed in this blog. But teachers play the role of a counselor too! So thats great.

      • thanks! I really appreciate it! I think having my daughter really changed my life…made me look within and realize that we are meant for bigger things…and to help each other!

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