A moment in a….lobby.


I sat down and took a sip from my white styrofoam cup. I grimaced. I looked down into the cup and saw what was supposed to be coffee. Little bits of powdered creamer swirled in the middle refusing to fulfill it’s purpose. I looked around the car repair lobby. The television infomercial was trying to convince me I needed a mop.

“This mop can clean any mess….guaranteed! Wine? No problem. Pet problems? Our mop will make them disappear!”

“Who watches this stuff?”. I shook my head.

A heard a voice trying to get my attention.

“..I just bought that sucker. Works like a charm. And they gave me a second one for free..”

A man with a hat that said “you are tall enough to ride this ride,” was looking in my direction. He was very proud of his decision apparently.

I smiled back, “Two mops you say? One just in case for a rainy day? But with that first mop…you probably could mop that rainy day away.”

“I sure could..”

His phone rang, he picked it up quickly.

He walked off.

I stared out the window and watched cars drive by. I could hear random car repair discussions fly by me.

“Yeah…the converter is fried. Plus, you have some leaks. I’m surprised you even made it here.”

This talk is like foreign language to me. I needed subtitles to understand it.

The door opened and the man with two mops came back in…still talking on the phone.

“But, doc…I know I shouldn’t have had that spicy food. It ran through me like a mudslide down a mountain during a storm. In one end…and out the other end…just like that. In fact, that’s the best word to describe it…’mudslide.'”

I looked back into my brown coffee. Suddenly, I didn’t need my daily caffeine.

Today’s daily prompt was to describe the very last picture you took. And the story behind it.

<a href=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/moment-in-time/”>A Moment in Time</a>


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