Looking in the mirror….and seeing someone else.


I had an interesting conversation today.

“Hey…you know what I’ve noticed about you?”


“You are too quiet. You never speak up….I think you should step out of the box and talk more. You are too quiet.”

I laughed out loud. But, this person was not laughing. This person really felt that about me.

I thought about that….quiet. That word is used to describe things that are peaceful…serene. A library…a cemetery. And if you really knew me, that is not a word that really describes me. I have heard “loud, immature, outlandish,” but never quiet.

Of course, that is a subjective word. Quiet to someone could be too loud to someone else.

We all have perceptions about ourselves. We look in the mirror and see who we think we are. When I look in the mirror, I see a mid-thirty aged father with a shaved head and glasses. I see a guy who loves to laugh and watch too much reality tv. A guy who eats way too much pizza and not enough kale. A guy who secretly loves any movie with Leonardo Dicaprio or Jennifer Lawrence. A guy who can get lost in video games for hours at a time. A guy who kinda looks like this guy:

Former NFL player Hines Ward

Former NFL player Hines Ward

But thats how I see me. Those are just examples….I may see a certain person in the mirror, but project a different person to everyone else. Have you ever heard something about you from someone else and was totally caught off guard by it? And thought….”that’s not me…that’s not what I want people to think about when they see me.”

That’s why I believe in trying to be a different “you” every day. Life is too short to just float by with being “routine.” Tomorrow make it a goal to be a little more understanding. And a little more patient the day after that. Maybe, try a different tv show one day. Or try a new hobby a different day. Imagine the results, imagine the way you may to look to people. Not only will some people see something different, but the reflection in the mirror might gradually change to you too.

“People say I’m not adventurous…that I am scared to try new things. But look at me now.”

Imagine a friend of yours is really into hiking. You may not like hiking because you are allergic to basically anything that has to do with the outdoors. But, you decide to try it one time with your friend. You just changed in the eyes of your friend. Before that adventure you were looked at as “the guy or girl who was too scared to hike.” But now, you are looked at as “the guy or girl who was too scared to hike but tried one time and complained the whole time because he/she didn’t have hiking clothes and wore jeans instead.” Yes, you probably embarrassed yourself out there on that dirty and dusty trail but you changed in the eyes of your friend.


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