The Routine.





(silence…but a faint giggle breaks the silence)

“…hmm ok. I guess I can just turn off the TV and you can sleep…and miss school…and miss playing with your friends today.”

“OK OK…I’m awake.”

The fiesty six year-old starts to appear from under her pink blanket and grabs clothes to wear. She starts to put on her new set of clothes as slowly as possible.

She finishes just in time. Her mother is ready now, and the final task is to fix her hair. The man has no clue how to fix a girl’s hair. He doesn’t even have hair himself.

After a few minutes of fancy hair work, the six year old is ready to embark on another day of school. Her mother kisses her and the man goodbye. The man begins his morning routine.

He grabs his phone and plays a random music playlist on it to start the morning.

His playlist is eclectic. One minute it is boy band from the 90’s…another minute it is a hip hop song with inappropriate lyrics.

“Daddy, why did that man on that song say he likes a girl with a big fat butt?”

“I don’t know baby…i think you heard that wrong.”

He continues to fix her daughter’s lunch. Something sweet….check. Something salty…check. Some type of fruit…check. And sometimes a fruit snack can substitute as a fruit. Well, that is the man’s logic.

He checks the clock, 7:55. He knows he will be late. He runs to change. He has five minutes to spare and realizes he still has a lot to do. He has a very needy pug with serious attachment issues. He puts on a random set of clothes..and realizes he has to make a decision. Brush his teeth or give the dogs something to eat. He could always feed them when he comes back but if the pug is busy eating, she won’t notice the man leaving her behind. And last time he chose teeth, the pug ran out the door and the man chased her up and down the street. So, the answer was simply to feed the dogs. He just had to make sure he had no face to face conversations with anyone at the school.

He looked up at the clock…8:07. Yup, he was definitely going to be late. And the princess would definitely not be happy to be late for class.

Being late happened one time and this happened:

“Lainy…you have to get a tardy slip from the office. You are late.”

The six year old looked up at her dad with red watery eyes.

“Daddy, I don’t want to be late…I’m embarrassed.”

The father felt like the worst father in the world. He had disappointed her. He apologized and apologized. She wiped the tears away from her eyes and said.

“It’s ok…I forgive you.”

And the man never brought the princess to school late ever again.

Today’s daily prompt challenge was to describe your first 30 minutes of the day. And what it takes to make it go well….and describe what happens if you don’t follow the routine.

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