_hange (explanation at the bottom of the blog)


“Bug…we gotta go. Let’s go.”

“Ok Ok”, the irritated six-year old yelled ba_k at me.

We hop in the _ar and sit in an i_e _old _ar.

I sti_k the key in and my _hevy _ruze starts to _ome to life.

“Are we gonna be late? We _an’t be late…It’s friday morning read day daddy.”

I look ba_k at the worried first grader.

“We will be early, I promise.”

47 minutes later, we pull up in front of her s_hool and I turn ba_k to Bug.

“See, we are early…and just enough time to eat breakfast together.”

This is all new to us. A week ago, our _ommute to s_hool and work was 8 minutes. But, our family was flooded with _hange. A new life, a new situation, and a new approa_h to our way of life. But, life is about _hange. We take these new situations and make the best out of them. It’s how we a__ept that _hange and rea_t to it. Honestly, no one likes _hange. We wake up and do our daily routine. Yes, it _an be boring. We get _omfortable and settle into our normal lives. But, something happens…a new job…an unexpe_ted life situation…anything. That immediately brings stress and questions. What am I supposed to do? How do I fix this? How am I gonna get through this? You might say:

“Hey, _hange is good. It makes life interesting. We need it to grow.”

Yes, but when is _hange bad? For me, too mu_h _hange is bad. When your mind has too mu_h to pro_ess.

“How do I fix this?”

“And after that, how do I handle this other problem?”

“Then after that, I just have this one other thing to worry about?”

It’s exhausting. That’s when we hope for normal….and hope for boring.

Ask yourself…is your life normal? Are you bored? During the morning drive, I asked my little one:

“Is everything ok my love? What’s wrong?”

She replied, “Nothing…I’m just bored.”

I smiled ba_k at her:

“That’s good…really good.”

(If you didn’t notice, this blog did not contain the letter “C.”)

This was the daily challenge. It’s been a while since I have written, but with this new found extra time I have…that will change. Expect much more.


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