Here. (Daily Prompt)

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Everyone needs a place to go to feel peace. Life is crazy. We need places to escape…places to refresh. Some of us destress at the beach. We lay there and listen to the waves and our minds wander. Others hide in nature. We climb mountains, reach the top and our mouths drop at the sight of the view from the top. But, for me, I find solace in a coffee shop. I sit here with my laptop, spotify on blast through my broken headphones, and my mind rambles on and on. This is where I write.I sit here for hours and my imagination flies through the air just like the scent of expensive coffee. As Kendrick Lamar spits lyrics through my broken headphones, my mind tries to figure out how my writing is feeling. If I hit a mind block, I just pull off my headphones and my ear picks up gem filled conversations like:

“Yeah, I don’t know where I got this rash. I saw a doctor and they said it’s not contagious. I’ve tried lotions…creams…herbs…aloe vera…even peanut butter.”

“Well, the market is tough right now…I can’t get points right now. I’m trying Barry…I really am but this property is killing me. But, the view is to die for.”

It’s peaceful to me. I am in my own world. I focus and if I need rest I have a world filled with random conversations. Every once in a while a worker will come up to me and make sure I am ok. This is what it sounds like:

“Sir, need a refill on that coffee? No? Ok, just tell us if you need anything..”

But it really sounds like:

“Sir, you have been sitting here for 4 hours…and all you have bought is one small coffee. We would really like you to leave so better paying customers can sit there.”

But I smile and say, “No, I am ok actually.”

But really I am saying, “No, but i really need to pee. Your coffee is way too strong. And I am afraid that if I leave my spot I will lose it…”


11 thoughts on “Here. (Daily Prompt)

  1. Ha. I know the feeling well. For two years I did most of my writing in coffee shops in Huntington Beach and L.A. in CA–a good place to concentrate with no thoughts of other things you “should” be doing around the house…Judy

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  4. I miss coffee shops. I haven’t been in one for over 3 years! I love listening to the conversations, relaxing, catching up and just being. Love this post.
    Found you from the Dailt Prompt & Blogging 101

    Shareen HD
    A Moment For Me Blog

  5. Found you on opiniatedman. Read through some of your recent posts and it makes me smile! Ahh..the thoughts that goes in one’s head when things are happening right before you…:) Great coffee-shop and knock-knock story btw! 🙂

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