Seeing myself.(daily prompt)


“Daddy! Wanna hear a joke?”

“Of course!”

“Knock Knock..”

“Who’s there?”

“Cows…and chicken…and pigs…and monkeys.”

“Oh! Ha ha…that is funny.”

I did not understand the joke, but I could see my little one laughing hysterically. And that’s when I saw me. I remember when I was little I loved making people laugh. It brought me such joy to see someone laugh at me. I would fall on purpose. I would point out ridiculous things just to see someone smile or make someone giggle. Then one day I was watching TV and I saw a program with just one man on a stage. He had a microphone and all he did was tell jokes to a crowd of people. I was sold. That’s what I want to be….a guy with a microphone who makes people laugh. I wrote jokes and performed them in front of my mom.

“Mom…mom….What is Bruce Lee’s favorite hamburger?”

“What is it anak?”


“What? What is that?”

“You know mom…a whopper…from burger king…like he does karate and he goes…WHAHH-PAH”

“Oh anak…that was so funny I forgot to laugh.”

So that career ended fast but I was obviously not good at writing jokes…but I learned you didn’t have to write jokes to be funny.

I see my own little one learning how to be funny and writing her own jokes. And the more I see her with her friends, I can see that it bring her joy making them laugh too.

“Daddy…it’s funny right?”

“Yes, it is baby…”, I was lying. I had no clue what was funny about it.

“Can you imagine it? You open the door…and all these cows, pigs, monkeys, and chickens are out there? And they all say ‘hey..mooo….let me in….hey…oink oink…me too…oooo ah ah ah…don’t forget us too'”

I watched her imitate each animal that was supposed to be knocking on our door. Then I thought about it and laughed outloud, “yes bug, that is really funny…I wouldn’t know what to do. But if they stay here, they will stay in your room not ours…”

She laughed. See? She is already ahead of the game. My first joke fell flat…hers killed. My heart did a standing ovation for my little comedian.

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