The Red Button


“What exactly is Pinterest?”

That question opened up a huge door. And my wife kicked down that door with a rigorous Bruce Lee-like kick.

“Well…let me show you!”

And what happened after that was an explanation of boards and pins and crafts and projects and organizing ideas and pictures and food and everything in between. I was more confused. I thought to myself, “Why would l use this? Facebook…I understand. Twitter…yes please. Instagram…of course. But Pinterest?”

But then something magical happened.

“Well, name a video game you like..”

And boom. My world embraced the little Red Button.

I looked up video games by myself. His/Her Mario Luigi pillows?!! YES! Homemade figurines of Assassin’s Creed? WOW! Memes that only fans of Mass Effect would understand? WOOHOO!! A cake that is inspired by Minecraft!! Mind blown.A Game of Thrones Wedding cake!!


So I pinned this….and that….and this…and then that too. I am laughing at jokes that no one else would laugh at, it’s catered to me.

And after all this, I still don’t know what Pinterest really does….it seems like a collection of stuff you like. But, I do see why it is addicting. Now, if only I knew how to add a Pinterest button to this blog page….


4 thoughts on “The Red Button

  1. I’m still trying to understand Pinterest myself! I’ve even acquired some followers. I suppose that would be a good thing….if I knew what I was doing!

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