Deuces or not.


Nature called. So I got up to use the restroom for the third time in two hours and saw a friend through the window. I walked by and threw this hand gesture up:


I guess you can describe it at a “peace” sign…but not really. This is a regular “peace” sign.


Notice the difference? The first one is a greeting…meant to say “Hey…I see you..what’s up.”

The second pic is more like, “Hey…I don’t want war…I want peace.” It’s more of a statement than a greeting.

So I threw up the first hand gesture and entered the restroom. I immediately thought, “Am I too old to use that gesture?”

What is the appropriate hand/body gesture to greet someone you see that is not close enough for contact? A wave? So I would stop and just wave? That seems creepy. How would you feel if you saw someone and they did this when they saw you?


Creepy right? That would also attract attention to you…and others would discover how creepy you are.

I’ve done the one finger up gesture…which looks more like I’m hailing a taxi cab to my location than a greeting gesture. What is the appropriate hand gesture for a guy who is in his mid-thirties? The greeting has to say, “Hey..I acknowledge you…and I am still kinda cool.”

This is a normal problem for someone who is getting older and not sure where he fits in anymore on the “cool” spectrum. Do I still say slang? Would it be weird if I said words like “swag” or “turn up?” Just typing it made me feel old. If I were to have a conversation with a friend around my age…would young people who happened to overhear the conversation say “wow…what were those old guys ever saying? That was straight wack.” Whoa…do people even say “straight wack” anymore? What is appropriate? Discussions about AARP and our failing 401ks? When you were younger it was much more straightforward. You would fit in by what you wore and how you acted.

If you wore this:


You were probably a jock….you spent hours on some type of field…you were always on your way to practice. You probably always had females around you…and they probably wore cheerleading outfits. You might be cocky…

And if you wore this:


You were considered “goth”. You would seem depressed and angry at the world…society….and you probably wore all black.

Of course these are both stereotypes. But, you get my point. You fit in somewhere by the clothes…the way you acted. When you get older…you don’t have those groups. I can’t just buy an outfit and everyone would know what I was about…and what I was into.

“Hey…look at that guy. He is wearing jeans that are too tight on him. So that means he really shouldn’t be wearing those. And his pockets seem really full. He belongs in the ‘mid-thirties person can’t decide where to shop for clothes, but still plays too many video games, still knows the lyrics to obscure 90’s rap songs and thinks it’s cool to say things like ‘you like Carly Rae Jepsen too? That’s dope! Wait…not just dope…but straight dope!” group.

But now I say mature things like, “Hey, turn that down…that music is too loud.” Or, “I want to get home at a reasonable hour so I can watch the news.” Or, “Kids these days…they don’t know real music…Vanilla Ice…now that is real music.”

Now, people actually have to know me…to really know me, if that makes sense. When you get into the adult world, things are much different.

Yay for getting older…

(By the way, do not look up the word ‘jock’ on google images in a public place like I did) The reaction from anyone who could see my laptop screen was priceless and embarrassing at the same time.


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