The Daydreamer Challenge Day 2 – Can you DVR that for me please?


As a kid I was always fascinated with TV. I would wake up every saturday morning and watch cartoons. The stories, the colors, and the ridiculousness of it kept me entertained for hours. Whenever we had to leave the house for anything, I would ask my mom:

“Mom, what time are we leaving and what time will be back?”

“I don’t anak…around noon. But we will be back by 3.”

I would run to the living room and check the TV Guide and see what shows were on at that time.

“BUT MOM…I’m gonna miss Smurfs….and Garfield….and Sesame Street. Can’t we go later?”

My world revolved around TV.

So, today’s challenge is to choose an object/photo that describes you…and I chose a TV.

For me, TV has taught me many things. It’s taught me about mysterious animals like wombats and sloths. It has taught me that singing a song that has been sung before in a singing competition is fine as long as you “make it your own.” It’s showed me that there is a world filled with pregnant 16 year olds. It’s taught me that I should never visit Jersey Shore unless I fist pump properly to bad techno music. It’s taught me that I do need knives strong enough to cut pennies. Falling and not being able to get up is a very serious issue. It’s taught me what colors not to wear after Labor Day and how to bake the most fabulous lasagna. But seriously, it has been one of my escapes.

My mind races all day. I constantly worry about everything…my daughter…my wife…my finances…my career…my future…the unrelenting pudgy belly that I am developing. But when I sit down and watch TV, my mind is at ease. I can focus on whatever mindless show is on and mentally rest. Life is exhausting. Each day is filled with issues, problems, gossip, triumphs, laughs, and concerns. It becomes a blur. But, for me, when the TV is on, time stands still. And right now it’s waiting for me…calling me.

“Hey..Dan. I recorded that show you wanted to watch. And don’t forget Game of Thrones starts this weekend. And there are Giants games all week. Just…waiting for you to turn me on.”



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