6 to 6 and Peabo Bryson.

I came home from a long day of work Tuesday night and knew something was not right. I was walking like a zombie and really weak. Well, I am pretty weak already but I felt especially helpless. The drive home seemed to take forever. I felt my head and it was starting to burn up. And then the chills came. I blasted the heater to maximum and tried my best to stay focused on the road for 45 minutes. I pulled up to my driveway and walked the zombie walk to the bathroom. I stared at myself…yup, I’m sick. I grabbed medicine and crawled into bed. I waited for sleep to take over. I waited for the medicine to kick in. Nothing…it was infuriating. This is what I need…sleep. I tossed and turned for three hours. I checked my phone…3:45. I would have to wake up in a couple of hours and that’s when I realized I could not possibly work the next day. By 7:30 in the morning, I had called my boss and texted my other job to tell them that I couldn’t make it. I plopped on the couch and melted into it. The familiar red screen popped on my television. Thank you Netflix for being with me while I’m sick. What do you have for me today? Can you make me feel better?

So, my day consisted of numerous bathroom trips, endless Friends episodes on Netflix and feeling sorry for myself. This medicine was not working, I was delirious and still not able to sleep. My wife walked in after 5 and handed me a cup of Theraflu. That was not just Theraflu…there was magic in that cup. I looked at the clock…6. I was gone. I slept from 6 to 6. But when I woke up, I was confused. I was in the middle of a dream. It was so vivid and real. I was walking in a shopping mall of some sort. I remembered walking past a Hot Topic store….then a Skechers store….then a Forever 21 store…and then past a Wetzel’s Pretzel’s place, which was weird because I never walk past this place without buying something bad there. But, I continued on because I heard faint music. I was walking towards the music. I could see a band in the distance. Drums…piano…guitar…saxophone and a man with a microphone. And I couldn’t see who was singing. But, I could hear the notes of the song being sung. That’s when I woke up.

What was that song? And who was the guy that I couldn’t see? I sat there for a few minutes repeating the notes in my head. That’s a song…a real song. This was going to kill me. You ever do that? Have a song in your head and not quite remember what it is? I got up and did my normal morning routine. Me and Bug got in the car and it hit me….Peabo Bryson. The guy in my dream was Peabo Bryson.

..yeah this guy.

..yeah this guy.

Why was this guy in my dream? At least I knew who the guy was. But what was that song he was singing? This needed research. I pulled into my coffee shop and googled “Peabo Bryson.” Oh, he sings  “A Whole New World” in Disney’s Aladdin. I remember specific notes he sang but not enough to remember the song. I started Spotify and played the song….nope, the notes are not from that song. I looked up his music page on Spotify and found a long list. This could take forever. It had to be one of his popular ones because I must have heard it somewhere and sometime in my life. Then, I found it…I heard the notes. It was this song:

Whew. Ok my day can go on now. But, why this song? Why was Peabo Bryson in my dream? I don’t even know this song. I don’t even remember hearing this song. But, I’ve had this song on repeat for at least an hour. Thanks Peabo…you got a new fan.

...you're welcome.

…you’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “6 to 6 and Peabo Bryson.

  1. Dreams are so strange..I’ve often sent myself messages through dreams and I’ve learned to always take them. Listen closely to the words in “your” song and you will get the message. Perhaps it was talking about the Theraflu your wife gave you. She definitely stopped the rain (pain.) Judy

  2. This was great to read. I think I had something like that happen to me with a song. It took me a while to figure out what the sing was because all I could remember was misheard lyrics.

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