Teenage Emotions


The spikey-haired boy looked up at the basketball scoreboard.


And unfortunately his team was the “20.”

St. Ignatius was smashing his team. Personally, he was having a pretty good game. He was all over the court. He was an emotional player and so was the guy guarding him.

“Hey….why do you run like that? Your thong bothering you?”

The spikey-haired boy was surprised.

“You serious? You talkin’ mess right now? One thing NOT bothering me is your defense. You know you are supposed to stop me from scoring right? I guess, you are playing a different kinda game.”

The boy with the blonde hair laughed.

“Look at the score man…your team is garbage.”

He was mad. He was frustrated and tired of losing. His team won one game that season and this one wasn’t looking good either.

The blonde haired boy knew he got under his skin, and continued pestering the emotional boy the rest of the game. But, he started a new tactic. He started to take cheap shots at him every chance he could.

The emotional boy noticed.

“Hey…quit hitting me. I’m serious.”

The blonde haired boy laughed in his face.

Finally on one play the emotional boy drove in for a shot and was elbowed in the stomach by the blonde haired boy. He fell back and landed on the ground. No foul was called.

He was furious. He looked in the direction of the ref.

“What?!? No foul…WHAT!! This punk elbowed me in the stomach…you think I fell down just for the fun of it. HEY! FOUL!” He slammed the ball on the ground.

The ref looked at him and yelled, “Technical foul,” and pointed at the angry boy.

“Technical? WHAT!” He had never received a technical foul before. He was furious. He could feel tears flowing down his face. And he suddenly became aware of his actions….his was crying…in front of everyone…the other team…his own team…his coach. He was embarrassed. He looked back at the blonde boy, he was laughing hysterically with his teammates. A couple of his teammates led him to the bench and he sat down.

That was me freshman year of high school. I have always been an emotional person. But, have never really felt actual rage like the daily prompt is asking about. It is amazing to see the roller coaster that our emotions can take us. Have you ever been so emotional that you said things that you couldn’t believe later? We think back and it embarrasses us. But these emotions are important. We need to feel that intense anger….that intense joy…that intense sadness…that intense love. They teach us about ourselves and what we are capable of. They help prevent outbursts and help us understand what our “all” really is.



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