Sometimes I forget…


Once I sit down in my favorite spot in my usual coffee shop, I put on my headphones and I get lost. Lost in the internet, lost in blogging, lost in random “fat cat tries to jump” videos…and for those moments, I forget that I am in a crowded coffee place. So, occasionally I will laugh out loud. Or, sing a song a little too loudly. Or notice a little too late that I have been grooving a little too hard to the current song that is blasting through my headphones. And for that split second, I will remember that I am in a public place and look up to see what is happening in this busy coffee shop. And then I am quickly mortified. I look up and I see a few people looking at me and whispering…and giggling. This happens at least a few times per day. Was it the fact that I sang that song out loud? And managed to mess up all the notes in the process? Or was it because I laughed at a video and said, “you can’t jump on that bed fat cat…you are too fat.” Or maybe because for some reason when I hear certain songs, I pretend I’m a DJ and that I’m mixing the song together, and I’m been moving my hands like I’m working a turntable.

It is embarrassing…but I think that’s how life should be lived. Who cares if someone sees you enjoying that song a little too much? Who cares if you decide to start a tickle battle with your little one in the middle of a crowded area? Who cares if someone said to you:

“Looks like a great song you are listening to…really feeling it. What was it?”

“Oh, new Jay-Z track on Spotify..crazy.”

But, it was really some random song from a Boy Band from the 90s.


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