Don’t worry no animals were harmed in the eating of this donut…(Daily Prompt)


I entered the break room at work and saw boxes of donuts lined on the table. My heart leaped for joy. I opened each box and checked out each donut available to eat.

“Frosted…mmmm….coconut…oh yeah….blueberry….yes please….glazed…I will be here all day.”

I grabbed one and sat down. I was not alone.

“You’re gonna eat that?”

“Well, yes. They are pretty but someone has to eat them…so I thought it would be me.”

“Why? Why do you have to eat that…yes, they may be vegan donuts but I am sure some living thing was harmed when those were made.”

I was embarrassed. I did not know this person was so passionate about these donuts. I never really thought of the harm that may happen during the process of making donuts. So does Krispy Kreme know that it is responsible for a multitude of animal deaths? I was speechless, how am I supposed to react to this donut-shaming. I was just hungry…and the donuts were pretty…and I love donuts. This person continued on:

“Actually, you know what, even if it is vegan, it is still harming animals. You know which animal? You…you are an animal. And that donut is hurting you. It is doing harm to your body right now.”

I was guilty. I had frosting on my lips. And my breath smelled of glaze.

All of a sudden, a supervisor walks in.

“Oooo donuts, which one should I try?”

That very same person who has been shaming me says:

“The blueberry one…those are good!”

WHAT!! Are you serious? You took the last 5 minutes to rip me a new one because of my undeniable love for donuts and now you are recommending one to another person?

I quickly finished my donut….we were alone again. I got up to leave the break room and made sure she saw me grab a blueberry donut.

“You said these were good right? This co-worker looked away. I laughed as I walked away. I was happy…and my stomach was happy.

Today’s daily prompt talks about the topic of religion and politics…and whether it is polite to talk about them with people you don’t know. This person was passionate…about donuts. Donuts….this co-worker was angry about the harm that they were causing humanity. Yes, donuts are bad for you…but too much of anything is bad for you. If a person who I don’t really know is totally fine with chastising me about donuts,,,imagine a discussion on religion or politics. Not a good idea.


12 thoughts on “Don’t worry no animals were harmed in the eating of this donut…(Daily Prompt)

  1. Its a donut, around here we put that in the “Don’t sweat the small stuff” basket..Im glad you went back for the blue berry!! I wish we had such exotic donuts around where we lived! Or maybe not, I’d be the size of a house!

  2. I think it depends on the situation whether it is rude to talk to a stranger about politics and religion. I certainly wouldn’t be comfortable talking about this with a stranger, unless they initiated the conversation and weren’t super over the top or radical. However it seems perfectly acceptable to talk about these topics with strangers on-line so it’s definitely not super black and white.
    I think in the case of your story the co-worker was being rude, and hypocritical too. Anyway I really enjoyed your story.

  3. Everything in moderation ~ life is too short to never enjoy a donut 🙂 As for your co-worker? Some people are just false ~ to change her mind just to keep up social standing with her boss is pretty fickle! Hope you enjoyed those donuts 🙂

  4. what the hell is WRONG with your coworker?! Donuts are AHMAZING. Your coworker is LAME. I would now just eat donuts in front of them. Constantly. hahahhaha.

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