The most random list you will ever see. (Daily Prompt)


First off…I LOVE lists. Every morning, I go through my routine and finally check Facebook. I would scroll down and look at all the status updates…like everything and every so often something like this will pop up:

“10 stars who left Hollywood to lead normal lives”

Sounds interesting….I click it. And then it leads me to another list.

“10 stars who should leave Hollywood to lead normal lives”

Hey, I have to see both sides. And then:

“5 foods that you should stop eating.”

And after I see that I eat 4 of those foods daily, I stop and google:


Boom! More lists! Articles about lists are like Funny Cat videos…just can’t stop clicking.

“10 most underrated movies”, “10 most overrated movies”, “10 best Brad Pitt movies”, “10 best movies with a guy named ‘Brad’ in it”

It never stops. So today’s daily prompt asks us to make a list. Any list….I thought about it. Should I do a list about my favorite foods? My favorite places to go? Things that annoy me the most? Things that make me happy? Favorite TV shows? I couldn’t decide. So here is my list of everything….

1. Things that annoy me the most: When I set up to record a show on TV, and something totally different is recorded. I set up to record Game of Thrones…and it records an info-mercial about a mop that can clean wine stains, mud, pet mess…everything. So instead of watching struggle, pain, triumph, and dragons…I am picking up the phone to order a mop.

Static electricity. I hate getting shocked. It happens to me a few times a day. I drag my feet whenever I walk, so all day I build up this electricity and as soon as I touch a door knob…I’m shocked. There are times during the day that I will reach a door and refuse to go through it and find a way out that does not require going through a door just to not get shocked.

Wet sleeves. Let me explain. Let’s say you are wearing a long-sleeved shirt or sweater..and you have to wash your hands for some reason. You turn on the faucet and while you are washing, a little water trickles down your hand and arm…and now the bottom of your arms and sleeves are wet…and will be wet for a while…yes, you can grab a towel and dry your arms…but your sleeves are a little wet still..making your arms wet again. I hate that.

2. I love Target. But, this store is an easy 100.00 trip. You tell yourself, “I just need toilet paper..that’s it.” But you leave with pajamas, a DVD, cereal, a lamp, chips, a painting of the Eiffel Tower….and  when you get in the car, you realize you forgot to get the toilet paper you went in for.

I love Baseball. it’s my favorite sport…I’ve been a fan since I was 6. I love the sound of the crack of the bat….the umpire calling strikes…7th inning stretch…hot dogs.

I love car rides with my family. We talk, we laugh, and sometimes we sing songs together. It bring me so much joy to hear laughter coming from my wife and daughter.

I love happy endings. The good guy wins….the two people finally fall in love. The underdog saves the day. My mother is the same way, she will not watch a movie unless there is a happy ending. In fact, she will ask people who have seen the movie and ask them what the ending is…and then will decide whether she will watch it or not.

3. I love lasagna and spaghetti. They are my ultimate comfort foods. Not fancy lasagna from a restaurant…homemade, greasy, gooey, cheesy lasagna. I will eat til I am PAST full. If its covered in cheese, its even better. What makes it worse is that I am lactose intolerant…so I know that after I’ve had these cheesy meal, I will be in the bathroom for a long time. But, I don’t care…it’s worth it.

4. I love TV. I love Netflix. I can sit and watch TV for hours….reality TV, documentaries, dramas, comedies…anything. If it’s on Netflix, I’ve probably seen it or am watching it.

5. I love the airport. I associate happy times with airports. You are either picking someone up after their trip…or getting on a flight somewhere. Both happy situations. I know what you might be thinking…well, what about dropping someone off, that is a sad occasion. Yes, it can be…until you park and grab something from the food court. Then, it is a happy occasion.

6. I love Las Vegas. I am not a gambler, but I have been known to gamble on buffet places. I love the bright lights and the fact that the city never sleeps. I love hotel rooms and room service. I love calling the front desk for more towels. I love the shopping malls. And as a bonus, I would take a flight that’s two happy things in a row…a trip to the airport to hop on a flight to Las Vegas.


14 thoughts on “The most random list you will ever see. (Daily Prompt)

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  2. I feel as though I could have written this exact list myself!!! Well Done! It’s good to know that I may have a clone in this world. Will you go to work for me tomorrow at Walmart?

  3. Hey, how’s that mop? I’ve ordered from late night television before… I figure you have to do it once in your life, right?

    Wet sleeves. Yes, I hate. It took me a while to figure out to “push” up my sleeves…trying to teach my kids. My 11 year old- no prob. The 8 year old- yeah, she doesn’t care.

    Yes. Target. Just went for son’s pair of pants- that trip cost me $100.00. You can’t get out of there for less.

    You know, reading the rest of your list- I may have written the damn thing myself. Have you been spying on me? Except, I used to think Vegas was fun to people watch and walk, you could go pretty inexpensively back in the day if you didn’t gamble… there’s no such thing now. It’s way over-priced. Just went with the kids, we rode the monorail for fun. Day pass for $12.00 so $36.00 bucks of fun?


    • Still in its original box lol. I found a few people who have some of the same likes and dislikes as me…great minds think alike! I havent been to Vegas in so long…and I am craving a good buffet. Actually all buffets are good…so any buffet will do lol.

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