“…Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…”

Sometimes we wake up and something doesn’t feel right. We know there is something we should be thinking about at that moment…something we forgot…something we need to worry about. I walked to the bathroom and stared in the mirror. Three pimples? Isn’t there a rule somewhere that thirty-something year olds stop getting acne? You are supposed to get acne as a teenager…not when you are a married and slightly pudgy filipino guy who is way too excited to watch Pitch Perfect 2. But that wasn’t my worry.

I thought about it my whole drive to my little one’s school.

“Daddy, I can’t wait til summer…I can swim all the time…I can go to grandma’s house…I can stay up all night.”

The words were flying through the air…and my ears were not catching them.

The worry was heavy on my brain. The problem lingered…there. I dropped my princess off and gave her a hug. She ran off to her friends and they had a group hug. I drove to my spot at the coffee shop and sat down to try to fix my problem. Resolution seemed far away, but a phone call could fix it. And in one simple conversation, it was fixed. Worry lifted…and all was right in the world. Have you ever had a problem that seemed to have no solution? And by some miracle, it was taken away from you? You feel relief…and happiness. You feel like this:

And from that moment, my day went from uneasy to awesome. The coffee that makes me use the bathroom way too much didn’t affect me as much. My music playlist blasting through my ear buds sounded like the first time I had ever heard it. I smiled and waved at people I didn’t really know….even the guy who always talks to himself outloud about oatmeal.

“…my oatmeal was extra mushy today…should have had the apples and cinnamon instead of the maple syrup. Oatmeal…need to buy some for tomorrow.”

“…maybe it was the milk?”

“….eh? The milk? You think so, young man?”

I replied, “Yes…soy….it changes the texture of the oatmeal. Maybe try a different milk. Try it…and we can talk about it tomorrow.”

The old man grunted. “..hmm…milk in oatmeal. Need to buy oatmeal for tomorrow.”

I sat down and did my regular routine. Coffee…cinnamon roll….Wordpress. Cycled through my reader and saw that I was nominated for two awards! I was speechless.


As bloggers, our passion is to write. We talk about our feelings, experiences, things we have learned…and the way we see life. We pour out our hearts into this craft. I love the creative process and the thoughts behind it. Some of us use it as a way to relax and press the reset button. It is a bold hobby. Writers release their work into the world…free to be judged and criticized. It takes thick skin. But, writing is an extremely rewarding passion. I personally love looking into the lives of the people I follow, I read about their challenges and how they conquered them….the love that they have for their hobbies and families….I laugh with them at their funny moments…and I cry with them when they write about their struggles. So, to be recognized by your peers is awesome. Writers are included in a deep community.

(Big…big….big…thank you to Little Rants for the nominations. Check her blog out! You won’t regret it!)


So, with this nomination…I nominate others. Check them out:




















If you choose to accept this nomination, add those two awards to your post….and answer these extremely random questions I have made…seven of them. Now you have to nominate others…and create seven questions of your own. It is a great way to get to know the person behind the words that you read.

1. Stranded on an island, name the three things you would bring.

2. You’re favorite movie of all time….

3. The one thing that makes you the happiest…

4. The one song on your playlist…ipod…laptop…computer…that you are embarrassed to have but secretly love..

5. Why you decided to become a blogger…

6. If you could live the life of someone famous for a day…who would it be?

7. Name one thing on your “bucket” list….

And here are the answers given to me and the other bloggers nominated by Little Rants:

1. Are you a midnight snacker?

Yes….well, that’s if I am awake. If not, I am probably dreaming about eating food.

2. Have you ever dated someone because you thought they were hot?

Yes, and I am lucky to say that I married a hottie.

3. What is the one annoying thing people do that drives you mad?

Men’s bathroom etiquette. If I am at the urinal…please do not have a conversation with me. Don’t walk up to the very next urinal and talk to me about the weather…or politics…or anything. I am focusing. Also, don’t chew gum in the bathroom…it’s kinda gross.

4.One issue you are passionate about.

Children. I cannot tolerate violence against children. I get extremely emotional when I read stories of abuse and negligence. It’s why I am working towards being a teacher….to protect and educate our children. We should be building our children up…praising them for everything…they are amazing, so tell them.

5. One thing you are currently obsessed with:

The Walking Dead. I just started watching this show…and now I watch it every moment I can.

6. Have you ever experimented with crazy hair colors?

Yes, in high school. Usually after a break-up. That’s why my head is completely shaved now, because my hair is completely fried in certain spots.

7. Do you believe in long distance relationships?

No, ask my wife. I left for college and moved to a different city. We broke up and reunited 7 years later. She will tell you that I broke her heart when that happened.


15 thoughts on ““…Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof…”

  1. First off: Love that song! Love him. Watch The Voice.

    Was there anyone you knew that didn’t make the list? (hahahahaha) I couldn’t help but notice that I was way at the bottom… BUT I MADE THE LIST. Yippers! Thanks, man.

    As for your post… “…Some of us use it as a way to relax and press the reset button.” That’s me. It’s my escape from work, my kids, their homework, their sports. It’s the one thing I do for me. Because I love talking… and so this is just like talking because I type super fast… heheheheh. It’s a win, win. And I don’t have to wait- I can interrupt!

    Enjoy reading your posts!

    P.S. I’ll save my “award” for another day. I simply just don’t yet know enough people to forward the award on to… I used to have another very successful blog a couple years ago, and you’ll find all these “awards” that they tend to go around and come full circle right back to ya because it’s a blogging community. Everyone follows the same people. 🙂 There were about 6 different ones that I remember. But they are a SUPER fun way to get to know one another.

    • I watch the voice too! Actually I watch all singing competition shows…and I always end up crying lol. The coffee shop resets me. I sit here and watch the people go in and out while I type…and watch funny cat videos lol. The awards are a great way to get to know bloggers and learn more about the person behind the words…i love it.

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  4. Thankyou so much for nominating me 🙂 As a fairly new blogger, I am honoured that I even made your list! I will get on to my post forwarding the awards on as soon as I can ~ crazy week here!

    I love how relatable and funny your posts are 🙂 You have a real talent for capturing the unique nuances of a person and expressing these to your readers as though we too were right there with you ~ I love it! Will catch up on your posts this weekend 🙂

    Thankyou again!

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