We should go…but let’s find somewhere to eat first.


Vacationing is a process. You check your calendars…you find some good dates to travel. Then you buy plane tickets…and wait. When that day comes near, you start to pack…find out that everything you want to wear on this trip is dirty…so you do laundry first. I procrastinate when it comes to packing, I will wait til the night before to even think about what to wear. And make a mental note to do laundry. Later, I realize I don’t have time to do laundry so guess what? Some of the clothes I have to bring will probably be a little dirty. But, that’s what Febreeze is for. And socks? They never match…and every single pair has holes in them. Ok, side note:

We had a dryer that put holes in everything….new shirt, new dress, underwear…dry it once and now you have a hole in it. So every pair of socks I own has holes in it. And that’s where my name comes from “Holes in my socks.” You might be thinking, “But…what about when you visit other people’s houses…and you have to take your shoes off? You just walk around with holes in your socks?” No silly, I just buy more socks right before I go to the house. It is an endless circle of mismatched socks with holes in them.

So, the day comes and we always plan to get to the airport at least two hours before the flight. There is nothing like going through the inspection process, strip down to you are barely naked, and walking through the metal detector area in my socks with holes in them. But, once that is all done, you find a seat and relax. And the hunting begins…where do we eat? And that is what my travelling itinerary is like….let’s see some stuff…but let’s make sure we eat a lot of stuff on the way and eat more stuff while we are there. I actually go on a diet and exercise two weeks before the trip just so I can lose weight because I KNOW I will gain weight on my trip.

My wife is the opposite. She is a planner. She scours the internet looking for the “must see” places for our destination. Then she chooses what she thinks everyone will like….puts it in an Excel spreadsheet…and creates a schedule for each day. And even checks out good places to eat…and checks all the Yelp reviews on these places. That’s the stuff that interests me.

You ever come home from a trip and thought, “Gosh golly darn it…we really should have seen that…or done that?” Not if you go on a trip with my wife…she will find time to get it done and make sure you will get to do everything. Her trips to Disneyland are legendary. She will make schedules for when to ride rides and go on certain tours. She estimates which lines will be the longest and plans accordingly. And by noon of that day, every ride has been ridden…everything we wanted to see has been seen….and we can spend the rest of the day doing what I like to do most…eat.

Today’s daily prompt asks us what type of “wanderer” we are….I wander around saying, “what do you want to do next? I don’t know..what do you want to do?” Luckily, my wife is a planner because our vacations would just be me hopping from restaurant to restaurant.

(I’m so excited, I was nominated for two awards this morning! I will be posting another blog entry today accepting the nomination…)



9 thoughts on “We should go…but let’s find somewhere to eat first.

  1. Yay, Holes in my socks’ wife!
    I think for some of us, it is in our blood to be a planner. Every trip gets a little better as the planning does.

    Fun Fact: My washing machine has a screw that I cannot get out and puts holes in the clothes…. Hmm. Holes in my clothes. It rhymes at least!

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