Conversations from the “table.”

Sometimes I sit at my favorite spot and put on my ear buds. But, I don’t play any music…I use the ear buds to help drown out the coffee shop music. It helps me muffle out the music that is a combination of whale sounds and steel drums. Who is in charge of this music? Does this music make people want to drink more caffeine? So they can be awake and listen to more of the random whale sounds? I can see the process before the shop opens:

“Ok, we know our customers love the whale sounds…so let’s try something else…how about the music that sounds like we are walking into an empty meadow…and we see a deer…and we giggle. Or how about the music that sounds like a storm is brewing in the sky…and we realized our cattle is still outside in the rain..and we have to collect each cow.…how about the music that sounds like we are being chased by a murderer…and we have to constantly look behind our backs? Nah, whale sounds it is.”

But, I keep the ear buds on because I like to listen in other people’s conversations…just for my amusement. Today, I heard this:

“Hi, Greg. It’s grandpa. I wanted to call you on your birthday. So…uhh…happy birthday. Wow, 18 right? You are definitely getting older. I remember when you were so small…you were so curious. You would walk around the house and open each cabinet. And now you are 18? Oh, and I heard you got accepted to the University of Oklahoma…congratulations! I am so proud of you. I knew you were one smart cookie. You loved Sesame Street. You loved Cookie Monster. Well, I know I have tried to call you a few times this week. I bet you are real busy. If you have a minute or two, please call me. I would just like to say happy birthday to you and hear your voice. Please call me when you can. Umm, well, happy birthday…Grandpa loves you. Bye Greg.”

The man hung up…and continued his crossword puzzle. I started to think, “Dude…Greg…call him back…geez, he misses you. Stop partying for a second and call your grandpa.”

Eventually, the man left. His phone did not ring.

Another older man took his place. He grabbed two extra chairs and waited for two other older men to sit next to him. They greeted each other and this was the first thing that was said:

“I just have to say this. Yoga pants are proof that God loves us.”


13 thoughts on “Conversations from the “table.”

  1. I have said this before–I hope not to you. Once I could tell a woman at the next table was listening to me talking to the friend who was with me. I looked up at her and she looked back and as though reading my mind, said, “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop on your conversation. I just sort of over-listened!” I loved that comment and of course forgave her at once as I do exactly the same thing whenever I’m alone in a restaurant…Judy

  2. Yeah after reading this, I wanna go find Greg and stand there while he dials and talks to his Grandpa. Mine are both gone and honestly I would LOVE to be able to talk to either one or both again. As for the yoga pants, yes it is proof that God does love us. I love me some yoga pants! Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave me a comment. I truly appreciate it!

    • I know! I sat there hoping I would hear his phone ring…and from the message he said he called him a few times that week…i see that man every week, maybe I will get the courage to ask him if Greg called lol. You’re welcome! You have a great blog…

      • Personally..I don’t have my grandfathers…and my parents divorced..and so did my wife’s, so my little one doesn’t really have one either. Makes me sad for her too.

      • Yes, my parents divorced when I was 4. I got to see my dad’s dad some, but not enough and I had my mom’s dad until he died on my 15th birthday of lung cancer. We were not super close but he was there, my son has his dad’s dad as a grandpa and he is amazing!! I am truly blessed with awesome in-laws

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