“..you must not know ’bout me.” (Daily Prompt)

..is there anything else to eat?

..is there anything else to eat?

A sandwich? A sandwich? To quote Shakespeare, and by Shakespeare, I mean Beyonce.

“…you must not know ’bout me…you must not know ’bout me.”

When have you ever seen me eating a sandwich? No one has ever said, ” Hey, that’s Dan…he loves sandwiches.” And if you have ever seen me eating a sandwich, it was probably because it was the only thing to eat at that place. And why was I even at that place that only served sandwiches? It was probably because my car broke down right in front of this sandwich place and there was no other place to eat. Here’s a quick tip:

Don’t eat sushi from a gas station. It won’t end well.

If anyone was to name anything after me, it would have to be a buffet place..I would name that buffet place:

“Eh, you’re not really hungry..but you’re bored”

Because that describes my eating habits. I sit in front of the TV and eventually commercials come. And I just don’t have the patience to wait for these commercials to end, so what do I do? I fill the time with filling my mouth. It’s a win-win weight-gain situation.

If I can’t be named after a buffet place, then maybe name me after the medicine you have to take after you eat something bad.

“Oooh my stomach is queasy and bubbly.”

“You should probably take Pepto-BisDAN”

“Too late…I gotta go NOW. Where’s the bathroom?”

“….to the left…to the left…”

Yes, that’s right. Two Beyonce lyric references in one blog post. I win.



12 thoughts on ““..you must not know ’bout me.” (Daily Prompt)

  1. What is wrong with a well made yummy sandwich? I do have to admit I don’t eat them often, but I love club sandwiches! Are we calling burgers sandwiches too because they are on buns? Or a good PB&J.. heaven.

      • You know it is funny you mention this. I had made a special burger for my son the other night, without all the seasonings I use for the ‘adult’ burgers. He would not eat it. The next day I made my last cheeseburger (hubby took the rest of them to work for lunch) and I was out of ketchup so I put BBQ sauce on it. Jeff practically swiped it out of my hand and took a bite! He loved it. At least he is starting out right!

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