The hardest job and Five random things.

“I want a toy…I think.”

My daughter walked around the Disney store and looked at all the possibilities. She grabbed a Frozen book.


She looked at the one Toy Story doll she did not have. Woody.


She walked in circles. I heard a kid start to cry. I looked in the direction the crying was coming from and saw a mom.

“Honey, I’m sorry. We can’t do this…at this second. Your brother and sister are hungry. Let’s wait til after lunch ok?”

“…no….no…NO.” The kid was screaming.

The mom stayed patient. She had a double stroller with her…two smaller children. The two smaller kids started to cry.

She stood straight and sighed out loud. She was stuck in a Disney store with three crying children. She was frustrated.

Mothers have the hardest job. They are underappreciated….they sacrifice…and are expected to do it all in grace.

We didn’t have much when I was young. But, my mother did the best she could. She gave us what we needed, drove us to where we wanted to go, and made sure we were safe. She was married to a terrible man who was never there. And when he was there, he was abusive mentally and physically…and unfaithful too. But, she wanted my sister and I to have a normal life. She wanted us to focus on being kids….and do what kids do.

I remember this happening at the super market:

“Mom…can I have a donut?” I pointed at a glazed donut on the bottom rack.

“Yes anak.” She turned to the person at the counter.

“Can I have this donut, please?” She pointed at the exact donut I had pointed at.

The counter person grabbed a donut on the top rack…a glazed one.

My mom looked up and said, “No, not that one…he wants that one…on the bottom.”

The counter person quipped, “They are the same…glazed…same one.”

My mom laughed, “No..he wants that one. My son wants that particular one…if he wants that one..I WANT THAT ONE.” She was not laughing anymore.

I watched as my mom proceeded in her battle to get me the right donut. I was in awe. Wow, my mom is totally fighting this lady…for a donut. Would I have to stop her from jumping over the counter? It was awesome.

Bug, The Woman who fights for donuts, and my sister(a woman who loves donuts.)

Bug, The Woman who fights for donuts, and my sister(a woman who loves donuts.)

That’s what moms do. Yes, it was only a donut. But, her child wanted something…and she did everything in her power to get it. It’s about sacrifice.

My wife is the same way. She wants our daughter to experience everything she did not get to experience as a kid. She sacrifices her own wants and needs to make sure our child experiences all her heart could take. And she would have no problem fighting every battle to make sure my little one is happy.

She is caring, loving, funny, and loves baseball.

“Hun, tell me which boots should I wear? These….or these?”

“….They aren’t the same? They are the same color…what’s the difference?”

“..this one has buckles….and this one has straps…which one?”

“Are you feeling buckle-y or strap-y? I guess..the one with the straps.”

“Ok, the straps.” She leaves the room….and comes back wearing the exact opposite pair of boots that I chose. I understand though, why ask fashion advice from a guy who doesn’t even wear socks that match?

She can cook dinner, bake a mean cupcake, discuss why the DH doesn’t belong in the national league, and update all her social media at the same time. She pets every dog that she walks by….can fix anything that is broken…and put together anything that needs to be built. She always lends an ear to anyone who needs someone that will listen to them…and hugs everyone who needs a hug.

A future fashion rockstar, the woman(wifey) who chooses buckles over straps, and a random guy with a remote control in his hand.

A future fashion rockstar, the woman(wifey) who chooses buckles over straps, and a random guy with a remote control in his hand.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

OMG! I was nominated for an award! I want to thank Oh That Mom Life for nominating me! You have to check out her blog.

Another awesome mom. As a blogger, it is always encouraging to be recognized by other bloggers. We share the same love for writing….and these awards are a great way to build great connections within the blogging community and learn more about the blogs we follow! This award asks us to post 5 random facts about ourselves and nominate others.

1. I hate drinking out of glasses. I only drink out of coffee mugs or plastic cups. For some reason, I think drinks taste weird in anything made out of glass.

2. I was president of my high school freshman class. And my speech included sound effects and me dancing to “Ice Ice Baby”, by Vanilla Ice. Never heard of it? Google it…it’s embarrassing.

3. When I was 18, I did a few photo shoots. I was in YM and Seventeen magazine. Good luck trying to find them, the internet was a baby back then….

4. I flunked my first driving test. The driving instructor asked me to back up in a straight line….and I ended up backing up into some random person’s lawn. I got a zero. I came back two weeks after and the DMV called me, “the lawn guy.”

5. My car is a mess. The floors are covered with empty coffee cups, granola bar wrappers, receipts…and tissue. So, yeah..don’t ride with me.


Here are my nominations: You don’t have to accept it, so don’t feel pressured…just do it if you want to!

Sorry for the extra long post.


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