Please stop swiping.

You never know who you will be sitting next to in any situation. Sometimes it’s a soccer mom and her friend…discussing potty training and last night’s accident…maybe it’s a loud guy who loves to make all his phone calls using his speakerphone.

“Oh yeah Dave, closed that deal last night. That’s my quota done in three days. I’m on a roll.”

Maybe, it’s that teenager who is on her phone texting her bestie about breaking up with her boyfriend.

And then there’s today….when a normal guy turned creepy in just two swipes of his ultra large screened smart phone. I didn’t think much when he sat in the seat right next to me.

“Hey there, young man.”

“How’s it goin’ sir?”

“Good…real good.”

“We had a beautiful sunset yesterday didn’t we?”

“I didn’t see it…I was at work.”

“I took pictures of it…let me show you.”

He pulled out his phone and started to look at his phone. He was diagonal to me so I could see his phone screen.

First pic….sunset.

I smiled, “yeah, that was nice…I’m sad to have missed it.”

He swiped again to get to the next picture.

Not a pretty sunset this time…but a pic of his “cash and prizes.”

And he paused. Then he swiped again…another view of the sunset.
Whoa…what? This guy had a beautiful sunset picture…then his “junk”…then another sunset pic. How does that happen?

He sees a pretty sunset…takes a pic…then stops and thinks, “hey, i bet my junk would look great in this sunset.” Takes a pic…and then goes back to taking pics of the sunset again.

He put his phone away and was totally oblivious to the fact that he just showed that picture to some random and now terrified asian guy sitting next to him.

He walked down memory lane….and just scarred me forever.


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