“Whoa, Dan are you with us?” and It’s not safe to eat cereal with milk while you are driving.

I sat down at the coffee shop and took off my glasses. My vision went from crisp to blurry. I looked around and all I saw was shapes of people…rushing in and out of the shop. My eyes started to fixate on the table with all the cream and sugar…and I literally was staring at it for five minutes. It was a big brown blurry blob with fuzzy rectangles. And a random blur shaped as a person seemed to turn and look in my direction. And the blur started to wave at me. I wasn’t really paying attention because my glasses were still off.

“Whoa, Dan are you with us?”

I grabbed my glasses and put them on and saw a familiar face standing right in front of me.

“Oh hey Brad..what’s up man?”

“..I thought I lost you there. You ok?”

“Yeah man…sometimes I just stare and can’t stop…plus, I couldn’t really see you…had my glasses off.”

We talked a bit and talked about our little ones…but Brad had to run errands.

“Dude, we gotta do lunch…really need to catch up…I will text you.”

I cringed at the thought of texting…well, because of yesterday’s post.

I thought to myself…”he is not gonna contact me for lunch.”

But, we all do that. “Hey, let’s grab a cup of coffee.” “Let’s set up a play date.” “You still have my number?”

(I’m sure, that last sentence has all sorts of grammatical errors for those keeping score at home..I know, hello I haven’t had coffee yet.)

Today’s daily prompt talks about lingering. Not lingerie, silly goose. Lingering…what moments do you linger? Events that you don’t ever want to end…moments in which you could linger forever.

I read that and got confused..what is the difference between lingering and procrastinating? Cause hey, I am max level at procrastination.

“Hun, can you clean the backyard?”


“Hun, make sure you vacuum.”


5 days later..not done.

I have three books I am reading at the same time…and I have totally forgotten what is going on in the book because I haven’t continued in so long.

I have a tie dye shirt that I dyed myself,,,instructions say, “take out in 48 hours and wash it.” It’s been 3 weeks,,,and it’s still in its wet bag.

I have three bags of dirty laundry since I moved…I only washed enough to last me for two weeks…and have been doing that for two months.

And the book that I am writing is at a stand still….

But no procrastination when it comes to food. I’m lucky if the food I bought survives the drive home. (Quick tip, it’s not safe to eat cereal with milk while you are driving.)

Lingering is different…it’s living and enjoying the moment…taking in all the moment has and realizing what you have in that single moment. And that is what I do not do enough of. It’s taking advantage of the time you spend with others.

I am a bad friend.

I do not spend as much time with my friends as I should. They can’t even reach me.

“Dude, so how do we contact you? Facebook? Mail you a letter? Carrier pigeon?”

There are times to rest….and there are times to build relationships. And I need to learn to “build” more.

I need to spend more time with loved ones.

Our lives our busy…we all have our own paths. And we think we can catch up with simple 20 minute conversations at family gatherings or phone calls. That is not enough, there is more to spending time then “surface conversation.” I came home last night after working for 11 hours. The house was dark…and everyone was asleep. I was alone. I saw my wife sound asleep in the bed…and I walked over to my daughter’s bed and saw her sleeping. I missed the whole day. No conversations about work…about life…no laughing…nothing. What do you do when you have so much to say but no one to listen?

Life is short…why do we rush? We need to enjoy every single moment we have. The time spent with family…the drive home from work…the view of the sunset while we are outside. When life becomes predictable, that’s when you know you are missing something…something to linger on.



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