8 years.

Eight years ago this happened.

..why do I have duck lips in this picture?

..why do I have duck lips in this picture?

I married a woman named Anna. I have known her since I was 17…when I looked like this:


I met her in a video rental store. She stood there in her white work shirt and red sash thing around her waist…and she said the romantic words:

“Sir, you have unpaid late fees..”

Makes my heart skip a beat everytime I think about it. I wanted to know her….but she did not feel the same. But, I was persistent…annoying probably. She gave in and we dated for a bit. I left for college and broke her heart(that’s what she says.)

Fast forward 7 years…and social media brought us back into each other’s lives. I saw her picture and felt compelled to contact her. We became buddies again…and I realized I wanted to be with her. So I chased her again. I took her to romantic movies like “The Transporter 2.” And spent many hours in the same room with a dog who hated me. I am allergic to dogs, and I think he knew.

...don't mind the happy smile, that smile is a smile of anger.

…don’t mind the happy smile, that smile is a smile of anger.

We both fought for Anna’s attention. But, I knew it was a losing battle. He had to learn to tolerate this man who was invading his life and his beloved owner. Eventually, he did…I think.

I fell in love and two years later I proposed over a McGriddle while wearing Spongebob Squarepants pajamas. Yes, a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich. I am quite the romantic, I know I know. She said yes…and the rest was history. But, Miss Anna is a special woman…and I am definitely lucky to have her. Why? Let me count the ways:

1. She blessed me with a beautiful daughter, Alaina(Bug.)


She is caring, funny, big-hearted…just like her momma. She loves the outdoors and exploring…just like her momma. She is fiery and not afraid to let her feelings be known…just like her momma.

2. She makes stuff like this:


A chocolate macaron with a cookie butter filling.


A chocolate turtle cheesecake with caramel topping.

A chocolate turtle cheesecake with caramel topping.

A video game controller cake!

A video game controller cake!

I know, right?

2. She knows “me.” She knows about my past, everything I like, understands my weird sense of humor, and accepts me for who I am. She is extremely observant so she gives the perfect gifts…like these:


A Dumb and Dumber onesie!

a gummy video game controller!

A gummy video game controller!


..my motto in life.

3. She accepts the “real” me. She understands how sensitive and emotional I can sometimes be. She knows I can be stubborn and hard-headed. She is patient, especially when it comes to house stuff.



4. She loves baseball. I have loved this sport since I was six years old. I cried many sad and happy tears over this sport and she does the same. She can explain the importance of the breaking ball…and appreciates double plays. And now she is passing down the same love down to our daughter.

Miss Anna Marie is awesome. She is beautiful, loving, always there for me and her friends, an excellent planner, funny, caring, goofy, smart, hard-working, a fighter, and independent. I love you. Happy Anniversary, my love.



27 thoughts on “8 years.

  1. Awesome. I married 22 years ago. Don’t forget the romance, even the stolen, quick moments in the middle of other things. Life gets busier. Sometimes I only have time for the stolen moments.

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