N.H.B.?? and Un-sexy talk.

“So? When are you guys having baby #2?”

A familiar question from friends and family. And in early 2012, we left it up to fate to decide. Orange and black fate. Our regular response usually went like this:

“I don’t know…maybe. We will see.”

Before I begin with this story, I have to make a disclaimer:

“My wife and I are huge baseball fans. I have been a San Francisco Giants fan since I was 6 years old. I have shed many tears growing up watching this team. I reserve three hours a day so I can watch their games. I plan my schedule around their games, I have lost relationships because of my love for the Giants. Ever see the movie Fever Pitch? Yeah…it’s like that…scary, I know.”

So back to the story. We were at a family gathering and were asked the question:

“So? Baby #2? When is it happening?”

I looked at my wife and blurted out…”If the Giants win the world series(championship), we will have baby number two…and we will name the baby after a player on the Giants.”

My wife laughed. Not because of the idea of baby number two…but because at that very moment, the Giants were terrible. They were not a team that looked like they could be champions again. But that became our response, “we will have another baby IF the Giants are champions again.”

Time passed and guess what…the Giants were doing better. They went on a roll and made the playoffs. My wife and I started to get nervous.

“Babe, you think the Giants can win this thing?”

“I don’t know, well…umm, if they do..baby #2 right? Oh boy…”

So we thought to ourselves, hey, our friends and family probably forgot those statements that were made? It was just a random set of words that made no sense at the time. They probably weren’t paying attention right? One text proved us wrong.

“GIANTS made the playoffs! One step closer to baby #2!!”

Then another one.

“Wooohoo….here comes baby #2!”

Then this one:

“Hey…I don’t even like the Giants…but you guys need another kid. I’m watching just so I can root for them so you have to have another kid. Go Giants!!”

Wait? What? Are you serious? I guess no one forgot.

Playoffs came. Cincinnati came to town to play the team that determined the future of our baby. It was a five game series. Giants lost the first two games. Cincinnati just needed to win one more to eliminate the Giants. And the Giants came back…won the next three to get to the next round.

Next was the Cardinals. It was a seven game series, and the cards won 3 of the first 4 games. They needed to win just one more game. Guess what? Giants won the last three to win that series. They made history. No other team in baseball history had done what they did.

We were nervous…only one team stood between the Giants and our new baby…the Tigers.

And this time wasn’t even close, the Giants won all the games. We watched the last game with friends and watched as the Giants celebrated. I looked at my wife.

“I guess here comes baby #2…Noah Hunter Buster(N.H.B.) We did say we would name the next kid after Giants’ players?”

“Yes, oh my gosh.”

And the phone calls and text messages started to flood in.

“BABY #2!!”

“Giants baby…and a new baby!”

We drove home happy and nervous at the same time.

We put Bug to bed and both sat on the bed.

“So, uhh…should we get started on this now?”

My wife laughed nervously.

“We have to…we made a bet…with the Giants…and we lost. We gotta do it.”

It was the most un-sexy talk in the history of sexy time. Nothing gets you in the mood better than the phrases:

“Well, they are champions…we have to…let’s just do it.”

Plus, random text messages while it is happening.

“Did you guys do it yet? Are you doing it now? Eww…I’m bothering you while you do it.”

Today’s daily prompt asks us to talk about something people may not know about you. I write about my daughter all the time…I love her to death. But, I am scared to have a second child. I look at my daughter and I wonder if I have enough love to give to a second child. We give our daughter everything her heart desires…and having to take that away kinda bothers me. So, as of now, there is no baby #2…no Noah Hunter Buster.

But, if the Giants win another championship….



7 thoughts on “N.H.B.?? and Un-sexy talk.

  1. Bleh. I am constantly asked when the mister and I will start breeding. Then it seems once people DO start having children, they’re asked about a second, or third!
    Do what you want to do. There’s nothing wrong with having one, or none, or 10.

  2. I think I can speak for all parents everywhere when I say that somehow your heart expands to include every child you have. You’ll love every one of them, but love each just one a little differently than the others, depending on their individual needs. When the time is right, you won’t need a championship game to get you in the mood.

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