Help…WordPress users…help.

Ok, this is seriously frustrating. I am trying to upload pictures onto my post…and I keep getting HTTP errors. I have done everything…renamed files…resized files…prayed to the gods of files…filed my nails…sacrificed two cinnamon rolls(trust me, they are in a better place stomach.) I have never had this problem before..and now I do. Please help me! In fact, let’s make it a contest…if you help me fix my problem, I will give you a virtual hi-five…oh boy! Doesn’t that make you want to help me? Probably not. But seriously, please help me. How do I fix this?


8 thoughts on “Help…WordPress users…help.

  1. I’m surprised “filing of your nails” didn’t work. Now I’m stumped. Have you passed your limit on free space that wordpress gives?

    I would try exiting out of wordpress entirely and relogging back in (the old IT maneuver- did you close down and reboot?) Are you plugged in?

    You’ve already checked the file size, so I would then check to see how much free space I have left and if close- might have to remove some old images? or pay for space upgrade… or create a NEW blog that is your archive of wordpress posts? (and create link on your sidebar to the new account that now stores all your old wordpress/archive account?) – that’s a lot of work for staying free. 🙂

  2. I just uploaded a photo that I took on my feature phone, emailed to myself, downloaded to my computer, and then uploaded into the WordPress Media Library for use in the post I just published a few minutes ago. I didn’t have any problems. I suspect it’s the coffee shop equipment that’s at fault.

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