Too deep and the battle over red and orange popsicles.

“Daddy…can I ask you something?”

“Yes, Bug.”

“What is the meaning of life?”

“Uhh what? Seriously?”

I was stuck. My daughter is 6. What happened to questions like “why is the sky blue?” Or “Where do babies come from?” She went straight to the question that each person asks themselves at some point during their life.

“I don’t know baby…that’s pretty deep for a Saturday morning….I still haven’t even asked myself whether I want to brush my teeth today. I’m leaning towards no…but for your mom’s sake I will.”

She went back to watching cartoons. This is becoming a normal thing. She asks questions that I can’t answer. Well I can answer some, but I have to do research first and then get back to her.

Parents are supposed to be all-knowing. We are walking encyclopedias and dictionaries. Not middlemen who check google for the answers and then report back to our little ones. But sometimes some questions cannot be answered. So I figured out the perfect answer.

“Bug..hmm I’m not sure. Go ask your mom.”

“She told me to ask you..”

Curses! Foiled again! So I used my special super power of distraction and pointed out a cool toy that was on the TV right at that moment. My little one turned to look at the screen and I used my cat-like reflexes to escape out the window, down the fire escape and jumped into a huge green garbage bin. And by all that, I meant I just walked out the bedroom door.

The next day, my little one morphed back into a kid and not a life philosopher and was excited for Field Day at her school. It’s a day filled with fun activities for the whole school on a field. The first activity worried me. Basically, one kid was supposed to sit on a chair and put on a mask. Another kid would be 7 feet away in front of a bucket with wet sponges in it. That kid was to take these wet sponges and throw them at the other kid sitting in the chair. Is this a game? Will we be seeing this revolutionary game in the Olympics in 2016? Probably not. But, the rest of the games were ok. you can see, Bug's team didn't do so well. you can see, Bug’s team didn’t do so well.

Good ol’ Tug-o-war. Every kid on my little girl’s team fell down. The girl behind her wasn’t even holding the rope..she was holding onto my kid so she wouldn’t fall down. Not the typical strategy for tug-o-war champs.

Maybe she needed an individual sport…how about Sack races?


Pure a potato sack.

She loved it. And her hair looked fabulous while she was doing it.

It was time for lunch. And parents were given the opportunity to experience it with the kids. We were given a beef circle bathed in a red sauce that they called “BBQ burger”. The kids looked at it and wanted to throw them like frisbees. But, I was late to the lunch line and found out that all the seats were taken. I hate eating and standing but I had no choice. But a familiar voice saved me.

“Daddy! Daddy! Over here..sit with us!” I almost cried…it was so sweet. She wanted me to sit with her “peeps.” And I was engaged in their riveting conversation.

“I saw a bug was green..and it had wings.”

“I saw a snail and I put salt on it…it boiled.”

“I ate a bug…i was hungry, so one of us was not going to survive that encounter. Circle of life baby. But, I’m sure he/she had a great bug life.”(That was me, of course.)

I happily ate my red circle and noticed that my red popsicle stick was left over. I decided to give it to a kid…and a battle ensued.

“What! I want it!”

“No, I want it…you ate fair.”

I started a riot. And I used my cat-like reflexes again to escape another hazardous situation. Yay me.


10 thoughts on “Too deep and the battle over red and orange popsicles.

  1. It looks like you got the picture thing fixed. Yay! Yeah, when it comes to red Popsicle you need to keep it to yourself because ALL the kids want the RED one!! You learned a valuable lesson there.. LOL.

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