The struggle is real.


“Yes, what is it baby?”

“I’m bored….really bored.”

“Why don’t you play on the Kindle? Or the computer?”

“I already did that.”

“Well, let me think about it…can you please close the bathroom door…I’m sitting…and this is where I do my best thinking.”

She closed the door. Summer break just started for her…and she is already tired of what I had planned for her…which was lots of video games, pizza, and me catching up on all my shows on the DVR.

The struggle is real.

Summer is not about vacation…or relaxing. It’s about thinking of ways to keep your kid occupied. Summer is where I have important questions to answer like:

“What’s more nutritious for breakfast? Pancakes with vienna sausages? Or pepperoni pizza?”

“Is playing video games for 3 hours straight bad for her?”

Yes, I know they are all bad choices…but as parents, sometimes you have to improvise. Luckily, I think she might have discovered something she would love to do.

“Daddy, who is that?” She pointed to this picture:

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry

“That’s Steph Curry…he’s a champion. Remember all those games me and mommy watched?”

“The ones where you were too loud and yelling?”

“Yes, those ones…well our team won..and he is a player. A basketball player. Daddy’s favorite player.”

She brought the newspaper to me. His picture was on the front.

“I wanna be like that. Play basketball like that.”

This made me happy. I have coached youth basketball for many years. But, never had I had an opportunity to teach my own child about basketball. She sat in on lots of my practices, but I think she did that because she had a crush on one of the players.

Step 1

Buy a basketball. (What? You coach basketball and you don’t even have a basketball?) I had a basketball…and now I can’t find it. And I am too lazy to look for it, so that means I will just buy another one.That’s usually what I do when I lose things, just buy another one just like it. So, we bought two balls. One for me…and one smaller one for Bug. She was excited about the concept of having her own ball.

Step 2

Take a nap. Just kidding, I’m not that lazy. We find a good empty park…with a nice empty basketball court. We drove around and found one right next to our house.

Step 3

Play…plain and simple. It was pure joy to watch her giggle and laugh whenever I missed a shot…which happened a lot.

“Daddy…you are not very good.”

“Hey, I was an all-star basketball player in 7th grade. That means something…I could put that on my resume..and it would take me places…lots of places. And I was on the basketball team in high school…I played in games, sometimes. I had the best seat in the house, on the bench..right next to the cheerleaders, so I was busy, paying attention to them.”

“Was mommy there?”

“No, mommy was not there…but if she was, I would be paying attention to her…not the cheerleaders..for sure.”

We stopped after a while…because I got tired.

The next day I woke up and gave her breakfast. She ran to her room and came out in her basketball shirt and shoes.

“Let’s go Daddy…let’s play basketball! I got my basketball…change now. Or are you going to play in pajamas?”

I got up….and felt so proud of her.


13 thoughts on “The struggle is real.

  1. And I am too lazy to look for it, so that means I will just buy another one.That’s usually what I do when I lose things, just buy another one just like it. = so when you find the other BONUS- now you have (2) in case you lose one again later down the road.

    Yes, entertaining the kids during summer. Ugh. You can’t wait for school and all the projects to end…but then after a week of vacation, you can’t wait for them to go back to school.

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