“…wait, didn’t you just like my status?” and Seven Things

It’s my routine. I wake up, lay there, and check social media. Twitter check. Instagram check. Facebook check. I check my news feed…like pictures, statuses, and watch videos posted by my friends. I see the “Suggested Friends” and make a quick scroll through…are there long lost friends I am missing? Maybe Facebook things I need more friends? Aww, that’s so sweet Facebook. I notice something….a “friend” that was just my “friend” a couple of days ago. What?!? Wait, why are you recommending this friend FB? We are already friends. We did the dance…you saw me…I saw you…I waited the normal
“three day rule” to see if you would request me, and of course, you didn’t so I sent you a friend request.

“Hey, let’s be friends…virtually.”

And you accepted…there wasn’t a ceremony like I imagined it would be…no singing telegram at my door. No blue roses delivered to my work place. Not even a celebratory hi-five. Just a red notification dot.

______ accepted your friend request. Why don’t you write on their wall and tell them how your life is complete now because you are friends?

And I was faithful to you…I liked your always mind-blowing statuses:

“Awww yeah, I repped over 200 lbs on the bench press today. #ComeGetSome #GettinThatSummerBody #YouGonnaWantMeNowGirl”

“Gettin fresh and clean for da club tonight…it’s my birthday. YOU BETTA GET ME A GIFT. #ComeGetSome”

“Check dis yo’…got my dawg fo’ life. This is my new pet, it’s a poodle. Name is Princess Pinky Pinky Pumpkin. Recognize. #ComeGetSome”

But what does this mean? You…you…you…un-friended me? What did I do to deserve this unfortunate condition? Did I offend you with my last status?

“I love me some peanut butter and banana sammitches…nom nom nom.”

Are you against the unholy union of peanut butter and banana? Did you read that and say:

“What? Peanut butter? Peanut butter is cheating on jelly? That’s it…we are no longer friends….Come Get Some.”

Or was it my bad and intentional spelling of “sandwiches”?

Or was it the phrase “nom nom nom?” Maybe you have had nightmares of that sound…you are lifting weights at the gym with your Princess Pinky Pinky Pumpkin…and you are looking so fresh and so clean…and all of a sudden I show up, cover you with peanut butter and bananas…and then NOM NOM NOM. No one can no longer Come Get Some.

I am sad. I am heart-broken. But, maybe it is not over? You know what they say…if you truly love someone…like really love someone…you can let them go find other friends on social media. There will always be an empty spot on my friend list for you.

Won’t you be my friend?

But onto another family…the blogging community. A community that exposes their feelings and passions daily. It’s a brave community. Writing is not easy. If you were to browse through WordPress, you would find stories of joy, happiness, depression, sadness, heartbreak, redemption, accomplishment, brutal honesty, and love. It is one big reality TV show, and I love it to death. During my time on WordPress, I have developed friendships with fellow bloggers and have seen into their lives. But, it is a mutual giving. They write…I write….they laugh…I laugh…they cry…and I cry also. So, it is always an honor when another blogger recognizes you. I was nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by the awesome blogger, YvoCaro.

..who doesn't love dragons?

..who doesn’t love dragons?

She blogs about gaming….and that is one of my passions. She is one my favorite bloggers…please check out her site.


So, here are seven things about me that you might not know.

1. I am a big video game player. I been a gamer since I was 7…it helped me get through tough times and has been one my my passions ever since. It is my escape route, in times of stress…and if I just need to relax, all it takes is a press of a power button.(If you want to read about the “tough times,” 16-bit Peace)

2. I was in a punk band called Pottymouth. We sang songs about how love sucked. Well, I really wouldn’t call it “singing,” it was more like yelling and screaming.

3. My favorite movie of all-time is Happy Gilmore.

4. I can eat spaghetti all day. I have been known to eat plates and plates of this stuff. My body tells me “dude, that is enough.” But, I say, “we have only just begun.”

5. I am writing a book. It is a romantic comedy. Stay tuned.

6. I am pretty emotional. I cry a lot. Everything makes me cry…cute puppy videos, sad movies, happy movies, videos of family reunions….I cry when I run out of spaghetti. Just thinking about a house with no spaghetti makes my eyes water.

7. I get lost a lot. As soon as I take the wheel in a car, expect to get lost. Even if I am driving around my own city, I will find a way to get lost. So if you ever get into a car with me behind the wheel, I apologize.

So here are my nominees….participate if you would like to. All you have to do is copy and paste the award….tell us seven things about yourself…and nominate others.







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