Do I look hungry? (Camp Story #1)

We pulled up to the camping grounds after 3 hours of driving. I exited the car and could feel all my bones cracking. We unloaded all our camping gear and walked to our little dorm cabin. And immediately the first fight began.

“I got the top bunk….”

“No..that’s not fair…I want the top bunk…”

“No…I get the top bunk.”

I stood and watched the four boys argue for five minutes over top bunk privileges. I thought to myself, “Wow..someone needs to take control of this situation…maybe I should tell someone responsible.”

Then I realized that person was supposed to me. I was responsible for this group of boys. I am not used to being responsible for stuff. I pride myself in being that one parent who tells the person who is responsible that something is not right. Its a combination of FBI Agent/Tattletale…lethal but effective.

“Look…guys…guys…the only way to settle this is race….run as fast as you can to the bed you want. That’s all.”

And with that…all four boys ran up the hill covered in red dirt and busted through the door of our dusty cabin dorm.

I walked in and saw all four boys on top bunks. There were 5 bunk beds….and now everyone was happy. See? I can do this, right? We unpacked and noticed one thing. The boys were more worried about snacks than clothes. Each piece of baggage was filled with fruit snacks..chips…candy…and no clothes.

“Guys…we are here for like 4 days. Do you have anything packed besides Skittles and Doritos? I mean, we are required to like…change clothes.”

And what I heard after that terrified me.

“I forgot deodorant!”……”Were we supposed to bring a toothbrush and toothpaste?”…..”I forgot to bring clean underwear..”

Oh boy.

All I heard was laughter and I knew this would be a challenge. I heard a bell ring…it was lunch time. The boys ran out the door with a trail of candy wrappers behind them and I followed them down the dirt path. I walked up to the end of the line and saw kids all over the place. I looked at my surroundings and smiled. This is gonna be fun. I had my own secret stash of snacks and food because I didn’t know what to expect food-wise. I grabbed my tray and a lady behind the counter handed me a plate of spaghetti.

I love spaghetti. And what she said after that made me even happier.

“Hey…psst. If you want seconds just come around the back entrance and I will give you some more.”

Whoa what? Why does this sound like a drug deal? It felt dirty…but I was hungry.

The food was delicious….and I was still hungry. What do I do? I mean, she said I could get seconds…all I had to do was go through the back entrance…and so I did. Did anyone else know about this secret? I walked out and pretended to stare at the nature around me and saw the lady. She waved me over and handed me another plate. Score…

But this was not the only time.

Five hours later, I grabbed my tray and noticed someone different at the counter. I was a little disheartened. Oh well. The man handed me two tacos. He leaned over and whispered..

“Hey…do you want some nachos too?”

What? What is going on here? Do I look hungry? This guy is also offering me extra food. I didn’t want to seem rude so I said yes.

“Sure, do I have to go around back?” He nodded.

And so I did. I looked around…I was the only one who had nachos. Why am I the chosen one? Did the people behind the counter have a meeting and agree to serve extra food to the asian guy who forgot to bring sunblock?

It happened every meal.

“Psst…we have pancakes today…but if you come around back I will give you biscuits and gravy.”

“We have extra cookies…not the ones out here…special ones…”

“Do you like hamburgers? Because we got some pork chops in the kitchen.”

And I never said no to them. Never said no to the extra goodies. So since I said yes to them..I also said “yes” to the extra pounds I gained those four days.


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