Please get out of my…aura. (The day before camp.)

Walking into work I felt my mind was clouded. I had so many things to do after work and was worried about it. I imagined what I had to pack for my week long of camping with over 150 kids….I had never been camping before so I was completely clueless.

“…ok, toothbrush…toothpaste…deodorant…maybe a pocket knife? Right? Because bears…or maybe we will run into a rival camping gang and will have to fight over our tent turf? No, of course not. Flashlight….”

I was not focused at work. I stood in front of a table when I felt someone staring at me.

“Hey…hey young man. What are you staring at?”

I snapped out of my zombie phase.

“…oh nothing. Sorry about that…can I help you?”

And he started to stare at me….right through me like I was invisible. Did I just become invisible? Was this some weird secret power that I never knew about? But I was wrong.

“Young man…your aura.”

“My aura?”

“ is bright…I see a big change. New things are coming into your life. It’s exciting….and scary. But wow it is bright. You don’t feel it? See it?”

“Well, I am wearing a shirt I haven’t wore in a long time…maybe that’s it. It feels new.”

“No…your aura.”

He walked away.

I stood there speechless? Can anyone else see my aura? Why is my aura hanging out for everyone to see? I felt violated. My mind still had room for more random thoughts.

“First of all…I never gave you permission to get in my..aura. You didn’t even ask me out to dinner yet…and you are all in my..aura. That’s like a fifth date kinda thing. Maybe..if you are nice…and buy me nice things. Like a pocket knife…cause I need one.”

*This is the first post of my camp stories. Its been two weeks and a lot has happened…and a lot of food has been eaten…and a lot of weight has been gained.


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